7 days Rongai route approaches Kilimanjaro Mountain from the North, and descends. The trail is less congested due its remote location, thus offering great wildlife encounter like Antelopes, elephants, buffaloes among others.

Since there is almost no moisture on this side of the mountain, you are most likely to encounter little or no rain, and show cases more unclouded views of the peak.

The Rongai Route, is regarded as one among the easiest routes to hike Kilimanjaro

Although it is flatter, it gives the climb low sleep high option which require more days for acclimatization. However, you can add an extra day for acclimatization to make it 7 day climb.

The Rongai Route is more beautiful compared to its siter routes Marangu Route, Lemosho route, Machame route, Umbwe route & the Nother route. Its success rate is upto to 100% than other challenging route, despite the fact that trekkere sleep in the tents, but not camps like it is with the Marangu. The Rongai route connects with the Marangu Route for the summit hike, and descends following the Marangu Route on Kilimanjaro’s southeast side, thus one can view the mountain from various points.

Besides the 6 days Kilimanjaro Rongai route safari, you can also opt for the 7 days Kilimanjaro Rongai Itinerary, which offers an extra day for acclimatization.

Day 1: Rongai Gate to Simba Camp

From Moshi, you will wake up early for breakfast, after then you will be driven for about 2-3 hours, through various villages, and many coffee plantations to Rongai Gate (1,950 m/6,398 ft). Finish the registration formalities, receive your trekking permit, set off for your hike through wide farmlands of potatoes & Maize.

You will explore the beautiful wooded scenery, windy trails  as you walk through the flora and fauna and natural wildlife you are likely to encounter. You have lunch enroute, and later on arrive at  Simba camp, which is located near the first cave at the slopes of the moorland zone with magnificent views of the plains of Kenya

Day 2: Simba Camp to Kikelewa Camp

Elevation: 2,750 m to 3,600 m

Distance: 17 km

Hiking Time: 7 hours

Habitat: Moorland

Following your morning breakfast, You a steep ascent to the second cave where you will have lunch along the way. You will  then branch off from the direct trail and strike out across the moorland on a tiny path to Mawenzi side peak to Kikelewa Camp in a covered valley. You will settle for dinner and an overnight rest at Kikelewa Camp.

Day 3: Kikelewa camp to Mawenzi turn hut

Elevation: 3,600m to 4,330m

Distance: 7km

Hiking Time: 4 hours

Habitat: Semi-Desert

Wake up for your morning breakfast, then set off for steep ascent up the grassy slopes, as you enter into the semi-desert terrain. This somewhat short hiking day draws you up close to the Easter ice fields, oftenly drawing your attention to their beauty. Possibilities are high that you might experience altitude sickness. You will arrive at Mawenzi tern Camp, in the afternoon, and later on in the evening, you will have dinner and an overnight sleep.

Day 4: Acclimatization day (6 day itinerary skips this day)

On this day, you will spend this day at Mawnzi tern so as to allow your body to acclimatization. You have breakfast, at your own pace, later on take a simple hike  towards  Mawenzi for an authentic acclimatization. Thereafter return back to the camp for lunch, dinner and overnight rest.

Day 5: Mawenzi Tarn hut to Kibo Huts camp

Elevation: 4,330 m to 4,695 m

Distance: 8km

Hiking Time: 5 hours

Habitat: Alpine Desert

Wake up for an early for breakfast, then cross the lunar desert imposed between Kibo peak and Mawenzi peak to Kibo Huts beneath Kibo crater wall.  You will arrive early in the afternoon so as to relax, as you prepare for the summit day.

Dinner & overnight rest at Kibo huts


Day 6: Summit Day! Kibo Huts camp to Uhuru Peak to Horombo Huts camp

Elevation: 4,695 m to 5,895 m to 3,690 m

Distance: 4 km up, 14 km down

Hiking Time: 10-15 hours

Habitat: Alpine Desert.

Rise up early to a light breakfast treat, afterwards head for the summit ascent at 12:00am and reach Gilman’s Point on the crater rim at 5,861 m/18,640 ft between 4 and 6 AM. At this point, you will enjoy the spectacular views of the renowned crater and its icecaps facing you. Then in 2 hours, you will hike through the famous snow along the edge of the Kibo crater snow which takes you to Kilimanjaro’s, Uhuru Peak. Upon arrival, you will celebrate your success, while capturing great photos for a memorable lifetime.  After your summit activities are done, descend back to the Kibo Huts, where you will have lunch, relax and embark, on your slope downwards the notable Horombo Huts. Have dinner and overnight rest at Horombo camp.


Day 7: Horombo Huts camp to Marangu Gate to Moshi

Elevation: 3,690 m to 1,830 m to 1,387 m

Distance: 18 km

Hiking Time: 5-7 hours

Wake up for breakfast, after enough overnight rest, after then you will head down through the moorland to Mandara Huts for lunch. Proceed down through verdant forest to Marangu Gate to receive your certificate and sign out. Our guide will be waiting outside, there after you will be transferred back to your lodge