Tour Activities (What/Things) to Do in Lake Mburo National Park

Quad Biking in Lake Mburo national Park is an exceptional activity  offered by the same people offering it in Jinja.  This remarkable activity includes: a 2 hour quad bike safari to the Eland track which starts at 09:00 am at a cost of 63 USD or 125 UGX,  while a 4 hour quad biking experience at 1400 hours afternoon around the Ruroko circuit goes for 98 USD or 195 UGX. Quad  Biking allows a maximum number of 5 persons in a group per trip.

Luckily Lake Mburo National Park, does not have large predators, which makes it the best safe place for quad biking, as well as horseback rides.

Horseback safaris in Lake Mburo National Park

Horsback safaris, which is offered by Muhingo lodge, is an impressive safari in Lake Mburo national Park. The fun excursion, which is best for family safaris with children, is an exciting safari, that allows one to enjoy riding among animals while on the back of the horse. The 2-5 hours ride  navigates through hilltops, with great encounters as you pass by Giraffes, Leopards, impalas, while they are grazing, indeed, an adventure to remember.

Igongo Cultural Center

Situated 4km from Sanga-min entrance gate of Lake Mburo National Park, Igongo Cultral Center, is a must  visit, to all travelers visiting Lake Mburo National Park. The place is a native home for the Banyakitara (i.e Banyankole, Bakiga, Batooro, & Banyoro) people, who first inhabited the park.  The cultural  center displays numerous cultures of the resident people living in grass thatched huts, as well as a historical museum  through which all cultural details are found.

Fishing Games.

Uganda wildlife Authority offers an exciting fishing game in the Mazinga spot in Lake Mburo National Park. The game allows part takers to  catch about at least 6 fish species including the most prominent Tilapia Fish using their own fishing equipment.

Hiking & Nature Walks.

Nature walks is an ultimate activity in Lake Mburo national Park, which enables a calm walk with a ranger guide, through trails leading to the salt rocks. The amazing walk which usually commences very early in the morning and runs for at most 2 hours, where you will spot numerous animals, bird species, 9 of 14 lakes in the park. Otherwisw, one can also hike and trek through the Runaga forest, which is the best birding destination.

Boat Cruise:

Boat cruise are an astounding of embracing what nature has to offer in a serene launch  above the waters.  A boat cruise offers beautiful sights of croccodiles, Hippos, vast Buffalo herds,  Malachite Kingfishers, pied kingfishers, African fish Eagles, Rufous long-tailed starling, blue headed green-necked Dovesm Hamerkops, pelicans, Herons, cormorants, otters, rare shoebill storks, cormorants among others.

Cycling Safaris

Since 2013, bicycling apart of a family fun activity in the Park. The exciting activity is offered by Rwakobo camp. It allows tourists  in the company of a tourist guide, to explore and discover the hidden treasures of the park.

Visiting The Equator.

Standing between the Northern & the Southern hemisphere at the equator, taking captivating photos of a lifetime, is every travellers dream. The equator also acts as a break stop section for most visitors heading to the western and southern National Parks of Uganda.

Cultural experience

Lake Mburo National Park is made up 13 communities at close proximity with the park, who showcase distinct cultural activities to the tourists who visit them to have an encounter. The Uganda Wildlife Authority, in conjunction with Uganda Community Tourism Association formed 9 entrepreneurial groups, with a total of 294 members to showcase their culture to tourists who visit for a cultural experience. Among these include: the Masha Community Wildlife Forum for traditional bee keeping tour & nature walks; Nshara Community tourism group operating a handicraft shop, nature walks,  cultural walks as well as birding; Rubale Fishing community for fishing adventures and traditional fish processing lesson; SSana Community lodge for  budget camping accommodation facilities  camping sites; Igongo cultural Institute offers the cultural museum, Rwabarata Drama group who continuously present the Banyankole traditional dance called Ekitaguiriro; and the Ankole cultural community tourism group for milk processing, chumming as well as ghee making safari.

Lodges in Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park, being in small in size, has a few lodes to offer, ranging from budget, to mid-range and luxury(high-end).

Budget lodges include Rwonyo Rest camp and Lake Mburo Campground.

Rwonyo Rest Camp is 1km from the shoreline. The rest camp  is owned and manged by Uganda Wildlife Authority, and it comprises of basic bandas & double-standing tents, with shared  private showers.  While Lake buro camp ground is just approximately 1km from Rwonyo. The site offers a serene place to pitch a personal tent. The ground also offers beautiful sights of Hippos roaming around the Lake.

While the mid—range lodges include Mburo Eagle’s Nest, Kimbla Montan Camp, Lake Mburo Safari Lodge,and Hyena Hill Lodge.

High End/Luxury lodges  which offers the best accommodation facilities include Mihingo Lodge, Rwakobo Rock and Acadia Cottages.