Attractions (What to see) In Kidepo Valley national Park

Top 8 Sights/Attractions In Kidepo Valley National Park: The best attractions in Kidepo valley National Park include: Apoka Tourism Center, Narus Valley, Kidepo valley and kanangorok hot Springs, mount Morungole, Namukweny Valle, Lomej Hills and Lonyili Mountains.

Kidepo Valley National Park can be visited at anytime of the year, despite the challenging conditions during the wet season, which comprises of too much rain, as well as the muddy and slippery tracks. While the dry seasons are usually hot, very dry and dusty, and a 4WD vehicle is the ideal vehicle to be used in this area.

Top 8 Sights/Attractions In Kidepo Valley National Park

Top 8 Sights/Attractions In Kidepo Valley National Park

Although watching wild animals on game drives, when driving along the designated tracks is every traveler’s major concern while coming to Kidepo valley national Park, it is also great to know about more attractions within the parks, so that you don’t miss out on any activity, when organizing for your trip to this hidden gem, which includes;

APoka tourism Center- Top 8 Sights/Attractions In Kidepo

Apoka Tourism Center is known as the tourism focal point of Kidepo National Park because of its adjacent location to Narus valley and a place where the famous high end Apoka lodge is found, as well as some Uganda wildlife Authority Bandas.  This hub is where most ranger guides meet other tourists who need to be guided while on their game drives and nature/community. Yet for freelance tourist who luck 4WD jeeps, can hire park trucks from here. Besides, you can also buy books & souvenirs from the craft shop, as well as bottled water, Sodas, alcoholic drinks among others.  While those who would prefer to camp within the Park, can hire their camping gear including cooking gas stoves, kitchen Utensils, Sleeping bags from here.

Narus Valley:

The Narus Valley is an enclosed shelter that’s surrounded by distant mountains. The rolling valley is the Park’s permanent water source where most of the animals gather all year round. Game tracks are evenly distributed for exploring the Apoka region and driving through, when looking for common animals  like :Lions, Giraffe, Buffaloes, reedbucks, and Oribis. Whereas other rare ones that are less seen but exist include Leopards and cheetahs. The Narus dam and the Water hole close by the Tourism center is an ideal game observation point during the dry months.

The Kidepo Valley

The Kidepo valley does not have many wildlife, to your hearts expectation, but a glimpse to its Impressive and scenic beauty makes up for each effort you have sacrificed to be there. You will also encounter the dry Kidepo River which spreads along a 50m wide bed of white sand and Borasus palm forest. While at the valley, you can look out for Ostriches and secretary birds.

Kanangorok Hot springs

The Kanagorok Hot Springs, which is nestled between the South Sudan and the Ugandan border, is just 11km from Kidepo River. A drive to this place offers spectacular views of the mountain ranges

Mount Morungole

Mount Morungole, at 2750m  high is the highest peak among other ranges within Kidepo region. This mountain is a source to both the Narus & Kidepo Rivers but also a shelter to the smallest ethnic group in the Uganda, the “IK people”, who live at its  slopes.  This part of Kidepo National Park, can be visited on foot, especially those who are zealous to witness and learn about their way of life.

Namukweny valley

Namukweny  Valley is in the north Western part of the  Park and can be explored on both foot and Car. This valley is a home to Numerous birds,  such as the Common Bulbul, Abyssinian Roller, White-crested Turaco, Green Wood Hoopoe, White crested Turaco among others, thus its name is really the opposite of it meaning, that is “Aplace without birds in Napore”.

Lomej Hills

The Lomej hills are situated just a few minutes drive a way from the Kidepo National Park headquarters. It is the best spot viewing numerous wildlife, birds as well as the mountain reedbucks.

Lonyili Mountains

Surrounded by montane Forest, Lonyili Mountains settles between Kitgum and Sudan Border.  It is a habitat for colobus monkeys, but cannot be visited due to the poor road conditions, although plans have been put in place to start working on it.