Best Time (When) to visit Gorillas in Volcanoes National Rwanda?

Best Time to Visit Gorillas in Rwanda: When/What is the Best time to Visit Mount Gorillas in Rwanda? While, Gorilla trekking in Rwanda can be done all year round, because 96 permits are issued each day to trek 12 gorilla families, with each group having at most 8  gorilla trekking permits for 8 individuals for that particular day, dry Months of  June, July, August, September, October, are best suited for gorilla trekking, because it coincides with the best time for wildlife viewing and the hiking trails are dry, & less slippery.

Gorilla trekking permits during  these months are highly demanded, which  requires prior booking, with 30% deposit of a complete Gorilla trekking permit.

December, January, & March are also highly recommended less crowded, compared to months from June to September, gorilla trekking trails are easy to access, and bird watching during this period  is at its peak because migratory birds flock in.

April and May is characterized by the heavy rains, which may hinder  all gorilla trekking encounter, due to very muddy & slippery trails. Yet It is within these months that Gorillas  can easily be seen, because they descend from higher mountain temperatures to the lower slopes.

Whereas October – November, receives short rains in Rwanda, which is pleasant for photography as well as the best bird watching season, since more plants are flowering. This short season receives night rainfalls, with clear blue skies in the Morning.

Generally March, Aprill, May, October & November months are referred to as low season, because of the very muddy & slippery trail, frequent rain fall, which hinders tracking Mountain Gorilla.

Rwanda’s Mountain Gorilla trekking permits costs $1500 all year round and accommodation range depends entirely on the tourist’s budget range & choice. Rwanda, that is; budget, mid-range and Luxury, all with offering excellent services

All gorilla trekking enthusiasts must come handy with good quality gorilla trekking gear including: cotton clothing, water proof hiking boots, garden gloves, insect repellents (especially during the rainy season when several insects breed). Sun glasses and sun screens are very important during the dry season visit.

Besides Mountain Gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park, One can also Visit Rwanda to engage in Golden Monkey trekking, Dian Fossey hike, Mount Karisimbi hike, Mount Bisoke hike, as well as Chimpanzee tracking & Canopy nature walks in Nyungwe National Park and  Wildlife game viewing drives plus Lake Ihema boat rides at Akagera National Park.