How to Get To Murchison Falls National Park

Getting To Murchison Falls National Park can easily be by both road and Flight, although the air transport is the most convenient and fastest option.

From Uganda’s capital, Kampala, travelers can embark on a scenic drive that takes approximately 4-5 hours, passing through picturesque landscapes and rural communities en route to the Murchison Falls National Park’s main entrance. While domestic flights are available from Entebbe International Airport to airstrips near the park, such as Pakuba and Chobe, offering a faster and more convenient travel option for those short on time.

Drive To Murchison Falls National Park

Getting To Murchison Falls National Park

By road, the most popularly visited Murchison Falls National Park in North Western, is located just 0430hrs drive away from Kampala city center for a distance of 282 km Kampala-Masindi road, while via Kampala-Hoima road, it takes about 0530 hrs drive to reach.

Getting to Murchison Falls National Park is very easy with the different routes of access, due to improved roads. This makes it even more interesting that you don’t have to look for a specific access, no matter where you are coming from, that is;

The southern route entrances that approach the park from Kampala via Masindi are; Kichumbanyobo, Bugungu gate, while the Northern entrances which include Tangi, Chobe, Wankar, and Mubako are mostly used by visitors from Gulu and Kidepo Valley National Park. These gates on the northern sector can be reached via the Kampala-Pakwach highway.

Kichumbanyobo Gate. This southern gate is the shortest and direct route, which is just 85km from Masindi town. This same route, extends upto Kaniyo pabidi.

Bugungu Gate From Kampala Via Masindi: This southern route approaches the park through Budongo Forest. It measures 135km from Masindi which is quite longer than the Kichumbanyobo route.

Tangi Gate: This Northern gate measure 110km from the Western side of Karuma bridge, and is mostly used by those visiting the Park from Paraa.

Chobe Gate: The chobe gate-also on the northern side, is located just 2km from Northern Karuma bridge. This gate can also be reached from Paraa and Karuma falls.

Wanker gate: Also located in the Northern sector, the Wanker gate is located just 10km away from the Arua-Gulu main road, near Purongo .

Mubako Gate. This entrance is frequently approached by visitors who cross the River Nile from Karuma bridge, on the Kampala-Packwach road.

One on the other hand, can board a bus from Kampala to Masindi town, then ire a private taxi to the Park headquarters from Masindi. All travellers are urged not to use public means, because it is not safe, and you can cheated when hiring a private Taxi.

Fly to Murchison Falls National park

There are also direct charter flights from Kajjansi Airfield  or Entebbe  to Pakuba, Chobe and Bugungu Air strip/field. The flight takes just about 1 hour, yet it is advisable to take the flights to Pakuba because it is closer to the park headquarters, as well as other accommodation.

While Bugungu is best for people who want to explore the Southern region of Murchison falls national Park, as well as Paraa This path leads to Nile camp, Red Chili and Simba safari camp accommodation.

The Northern section is near by the Chobe airfield, which is  closer to Chobe safari lodge.

How to book the Domestic Airfields.

It is simple, You can book directly with chartered aircrafts operating in Uganda such as Aerolink or Eagle airline offices on Mails, or direct calls, otherwise, you can send your details to  so that we can help book your flight tickets to Murchison Falls.

In conclusion, air transport is a convenient, fast and reliable compared to road transport. But, the road transport, though slow and tiring, offers great sightings  enroute, including visit to the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary for Rhino Tracking.