Gorilla Trekking For Elderly, Physically Challenged, Disabled

Gorilla Trekking Safari for the Elderly, Physically challenged, disabled Gorilla trekking is possible in Uganda, Rwanda, Congo.

Like everyone else,  The elderly, Physically challenged and the disabled can also go for an ultimate gorilla trekking experience in Uganda, Rwanda & Congo.

Gorilla trekking safaris is highly rated #1 experience in Uganda, Rwanda & Congo. It is a lifetime excursion that lasts for eternity, although it is not a piece of Cake on a silver platter. All gorilla treks, through the pristine forest are physically demanding that requires, much more extra effort, whose reward is worth the price.

How can Gorilla trekking for the Elderly, physically challenged & Disabled Possible?

While the abled gorilla trekking enthusiasts trek through the demanding nature trails, long walks looking for the roaming  gorillas, trekking for long hours! The physically challenged, elderly & the Disabled can also enjoy the trill of trekking gorilla trekking by the help  of Porters, as well as ranger guides who not only guide them but also allocate them to groups that are close by. This experience can only be achieved if governing boards alike Uganda Wildlife Authority & Rwanda development board issues out permits.

Besides trekking the nearest group, other measures have also been put across to make Gorilla trekking for the Disabled, elderly and physically challenged easy:

Hiring Porters:  Dissabled, elderly and the physically challenged can be carried in the sedan chairs. Porters are local residents who have known about the nature of the Park’s rugged landscapes. Hiring a porter at an affordable cost between $20 -$50 means, your luggage will be catered, While on the other hand, you will have indirectly given back to the society, in such a way that: you have offered a day job, in order to earn a living.

The Sedan chairs are lets the porters easily carry the disabled, Physically challenged,  and the elderly on a comfortable sedan chair for gorilla trekking through the forest, which makes it a fit for gorilla trekking adventure for the vulnerable. The carrying cost ranges between $300-$500, and can be easily lorganised by a local tour Operator, an accommodation close to the National Park.

Some porters are reformed poachers, whose happinesss is attached to the work they do to live every days, which then encourages them to conserve the endangered mountain Gorillas, than Killing them.