All Inclusive Gorilla Trekking Rules & Regulations (Uganda, Rwanda, Congo)

Gorilla Trekking List of Rules & Regulations. Gorilla trekking rules and regulation  points out on how to protect gorillas from Human disease transmission, gorilla trekking age limit,  how to behave during gorilla trekking, when with them,  and health rules to safe guard the remaining 1000 mountain Gorilla individuals.

6 days Congo gorilla trekking safari & habituation in Kahuzi Biega national park

List Of Gorilla Trekking Rules & Regulations

Below is a descriptive guide of Gorilla trekking rules & Regulations that are usually shared with the visitors, every morning during briefing, before they set off for Gorilla trekking in the jungle. By adhering to them,  they will be contributing to the general conservation of Mountain Gorillas & Lowland Gorillas

    • At the Airport customs lobby of Uganda, Rwanda & Congo, you must have a Yellow fever vaccination document on arrival, not forgetting a Visa, for Congo

  • You must have  a valid Passport and 1 gorilla trekking Permit during the time for registrations, to confirm your identity for Gorilla trekking
  • Only persons of 15 years or more will be allowed to go Gorilla trekking, to avoid many common infectious diseases like flu, colds, chickenpox and mumps among others.
  • At most 8  individuals, each having 1 gorilla permit ( for that particular day gorilla trekking) are allowed in each group to trek 1 family of mountain Gorillas
  • Do not go gorilla trekking, if you are experiencing any form of sickness. This will lower the risk of infecting Mountain Gorillas in the bush, because they are susceptible to infectious human diseases like cough, flue diarrhea among others.
  • Pay attention to the Ranger guide’s instructions, before gorilla trekking, when trekking Gorillas until when exit the Park.
  • Lower your voice tones,  so as to avoid frightening Mountain Gorillas, during actual gorilla trekking or Habituation. In case of any insect bites, Don’t shout!  Because it will alert the gorillas that there’s danger, and they may leave  before the completion of 1 hour or 4 hours of Gorilla trekking habituation.
  • Do not Smoke, eat, and drink when in the presence of Gorillas, because it may cause them to grab it out of curiosity, while left over foods, may be contaminated  which may affect gorillas, after consuming.
  • Do not litter the Park with rubbish, that may act as a threat to the Gorilla health, especially dirty handkerchiefs,  used toilet papers & Canisters. Other gorillas may swallow any litter dropped in the forest, which may cay more complications. Therefore, in case  you wish to visit the toilet, notify the  guide, and a hole will be dug for you, after which it shall be covered.
  • Physical Strength. Since gorilla trekking includes  long distance movement, walking through steep and muddy trail, then you must be physically strong for best exploration of the jungle as well as encounter other creatures.  Elderly travelers, are however, assigned nearby gorilla families, or otherwise, they may opt to hire porters who will  help carry them to the where the gorilla group is located (at an additional cost).
  • Always keep distance of at least 7m or 15 feet away from the Mountain Gorillas, so as to avoid disease transmission from humans, and also immediate gorilla attacks towards humans. Tourists while in the presence of Gorillas,  must not surround the Gorilla family or neither threaten them. When gorillas tend to approach you, move slowly backwards, as you maintain the 15 feet distance. Keeping distances apart avoids the mountain gorillas  from getting familiar or aggressive to other gorilla trekking groups. However, if they charge, by any chance, you are advised to calm down and avoid movements
  • Do not look directly in the Eye of the gorillas, because it is considered, a sign of hostility. You should not lift up your hands, standing taller than them because it is a sign of aggression.
  • Do not use flash color cameras, when taking photos, and follow the guides instructions when taking them, for he will advise when you must take photos.
  • Bright colored clothing may attract the attention of Mountain Gorillas, whereas sun glasses, while the sun glasses are not allowed when in the presence of the gorillas, because of its striking reflection
  • Where good quality Gorilla trekking gear like: good sturdy hiking shoes for trekking through steep and muddy trails, warm gear, drinking water and packed lunch from your hotel, rain jacket in case of rain, long pants and shirts to prevent thorn pricking and insect bites, a good quality insect repellent, a pair of binoculars and a good camera to take photos…
  • You must not touch gorillas.