Getting To Kidepo National Park

Getting to Kidepo Valley National Park:  Getting to Kidepo Valley National Park can be by either road or Air. Both options start from Entebbe/Kampala, though the most convenient, fastest and easiest way is; by direct flight to Kidepo Airport or Apoka Airstrip from Entebbe International Airport or Kajansi Airstrip. This means you won’t sleep overnight enroute.

While driving for or more than 700km by road to Kidepo Valley National Park is highly rewarding with impressive sights for both the Eastern and Western routes, even when sometimes the condition of the roads are devastating.

Location of Kidepo Valley National Park location.

Kidepo Valley national Park is located in the Northeastern part of Uganda, just close to the Border between Kenya and sudan. The park is characterized by open Savannah grassland and mountain forests. Kidepo Valley National Park ia a home to more than 75 animal specices, out of which 28 unique animals can’t be found in other Uganda National Parks, such as bush duikers, cheetahs,  bat eared fox, elands, bushbucks, warthogs, jackson’s hartebeest, Oribis, elephants, Zebras,  black backed jackals, Beisa Oryx, Bohor reed bucks, spotted hyenas, elephants, jackals, Rothschild giraffes, leopards, Oribis, buffaloes among others.

Apart from the animals, the park also hosts more than 475 species of birds, which rewards it Uganda’s second best bird watching destination, which includes clapperton’s francolin, superb starling, African grey flycatcher, black breasted barbet, black headed plover, pygmy falcon, little green bee-eater, standard winged night jars, white bellied tit, Karamoja Apalis, Ostrich, Kori bustard, Yellow billed shrike.

Flying to Kidepo Airport or Apoka Airstrip From Entebbe or Kajansi

Flying to Kidepo Valley National Park is the easiest and most convenient way, because it takes less time of approximately 90 to 160 minutes to reach. This option avoids unnecessary break stops, or even spending an extra night before reaching the Park.

Daily chartered flights are arranged through Domestic airlines like Aerolink Uganda Limited, Kampala Aeroclub, Eagle Aviation in Entebbe, only on Sundays, Wednesdays and Friday. These flights depart Entebbe Airport at 1230hrs and arriving in Kidepo Airport or Apoka Airstrip at 1445 hrs. Otherwise, these same flights leave Kidepo Airport or Apoka Airstrip at 1500hrs and reaching Entebbe Airport at 1630hrs.

To book a flight, don’t hesitate, Contact Aloyo Safaris through or or you can call/WhatsApp through +256 785331024/+254 110866421 to help you book your flight to kidepo Valley National Park, and back to Kajansi or Entebbe International Airport

Drive to Kidepo Valley National Park through the Western or Eastern Route.

getting to Kidepo valley National Park

Kidepo Valley National Park can be accessed from either the Eastern or the Western route. The Eastern route comprises of routes like;

Entebbe/Kampala via Mbale, Sironko, Moroto, Kotido, Kabong , reaching Kidepo Valley national Park, after a 12 hrs drive for a total distance of 740km.

You can also travel by road to Kidepo Valley National Park, for approximately 792km in (13 hours drive) from Kampala, Jinja via Mbale, Soroti,  Kotido, and Kabong.

While the Western Route which spans a distance of 571km starts from Kampala Via Karuma, Gulu, Kitgum, then arriving at the Park after a 10 hours drive. The other route which is 705km  takes 12 hours drive from  Kampala via Karuma, Lira, and Kotido.

The Western route is an incredible path to use because of the beautiful features it has to offer, like; the enroute visit to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary for Rhino tracking, or Murchison Falls national Park for wildlife viewing on a game drive or boat cruise among other activities, not forgetting the breathtaking scenery of the Karuma Falls.

Though filled with authentic features to be enjoyed, while traveling by road in a customized 4×4 Jeep, the journey to Kidepo valley National Park is quite tiresome because of the Long distance, which will require spending an extra night in either Gulu or Kitgum lodges, then continue to the Park, the day after.

Note That: These routes usually start from Kampala via Karuma, through Gulu and Kitgum, where all travelers should plan an overnight in one of the Lodges, before they proceed to Kidepo Valley National Park the next day.
On the  other hand, the road that is majorly used from Kotido to Kaabong passes through Kanawat, and not Losilang.

However, One can also opt for public means, if he/she cannot afford to rent a 4×4 safari Jeep, or travel with a tour company. There are day and night buses which leave Kampala via jinja, Mbale, Soroti, Moroto,  and Kotido, which is approximately a 14 hours drive. Thereafter, you can hire a small car that can take you to the Park.

Public means don’t guarantee you a 100% safety to the National Park, as it is with company vehicles on self drive or guided tours.