Accommodations in Kidepo Valley national Park.

Accommodations/Where to Sleep in Kidepo Valley National Park. The accommodations in Kidepo Valley National Park are Nga’Moru Wilderness camp, Apoka rest camp, Adere safari Lodge, Kidepo Savannah Lodge, Apoka safari Lodge. Kidepo Valley National Park offers from budget, mid-range and luxury (Mid-range ) accommodation Options. Each lodge option is determined by the client’s budget and interest.

Accommodations in Kidepo Valley national Park

Part of these Lodges are found within Kidepo National Park, and the rest outside, with each providing unique and different comfort to their guests. Like;

List Of Kidepo Valley National Park Safari Accommodations(Lodges/Hotels & Camps)

Apoka Safari Lodge:- Accommodations In Kidepo

Apoka Safari Lodge is nestled inside Kidepo Valley National Park. The lodge has 10 Luxury rooms, which are furnished with Natural canvas walls, and offer magnificent views of the Savannah Vegetation, Landscape, wildlife.
Out of the 10 luxury rooms, are 4 twin rooms which accommodates 2-4 people, while the 6 are double rooms which accommodate only two people each.
All these rooms offer amenities such as Ensuite bathrooms with double sinks and shower for both hot and cold water, Private verandahs , sitting room, mosquito nets, Hand woven woolen carpet, extra large towels, dressing gown, big hand hewn beds with soft duvets.
Facilities the lodge has to offer are; Swimming pool overlooking the plains, Restaurant which offers 3 course meals, well stocked bar, Laundry Services, Fireplace, Electricity, sitting lounge and Spa.

Apoka Rest Camp-Accommodations In Kidepo

Apoka Rest Camp is a low budget range accommodation that is owned and managed by Uganda Wildlife Authority. This accommodation comprises 16 self contained cabins, and a hostel containing 14 bandas, each containing two beds. Apart from the accommodation rooms, the camp also provides open grounds for campers who would love to pitch their tents on the ground and sleep under the stars in the Park.

Kidepo savannah Lodge

Kidepo Savannah Lodge is located 500m away from Kalokudo gate on Kalokol hill, that overlooks the Narus Valley. The lodge location offers magnificent views of the Vegetation, Narus valley, Morungole Mountain. While at the lodge are that you might encounter species like Elephants, Oribi, waterbucks, Side Striped Jackal, spotted Hyenas, Lions, Leopards, Buffaloes and birds among others African dwarf Eagle, Fox tails.
Kidepo Savannah Lodge has 12 safari tents set on raised decks, all of which are complete with;
Private verandahs which offer great views of the Vegetation
1 double room with 2 single comfortable beds with nets
Ensuite bathrooms with hot and cold water.
Flashing toilets.

While 9 of the self contained tents cater for budget travelers, each containing; 2 single bed or 1 double bed with mosquito nets, bedside table, power socket for charging electrical equipment, Shared bathrooms and Flash toilet.
While the facilities found in the Lodge include; restaurants which serve two course meals at lunch time and 4 during Dinner, Well Stocked bar, Lounge for relaxing as you enjoy the breathtaking views of the Park, Narus valley, Mount Morungole among others.

Adere safari Lodge.

At the edge of kidepo valley national Park, Adere safari lodge is the recently constructed luxury lodge. The Lodge has 17 cottages with single and double rooms, which are designed with natural pristine wood furniture, containing amenities such as;
Ensuite bathroom with big size bath tub and Flash toilets.
Facilities in the Lodge include, Restaurants, football pitch, swimming pool, Laundry services Football, well stocked bar, swimming pull among others.

Nga’Moru Wilderness Camp.

Nga’Moru wilderness Camp is a mid-range accommodation in the Kidepo Valley national Park. The lodge is located just at the border of the Park and overlooks the Narus River Valley, where most wildlife gather to quench their thirst during dry seasons. The lodge offers breathtaking views of Morungole Mountain, Savannah plains and wildlife including; Zebras, Cape buffaloes, Elephants, giraffe, cheetahs, Ostriches, water backs and many more.
Nga’Moru wilderness camp contains 5 comgortable and spacious rooms, each having ensuite bathrooms and verandas overlooking the Narus Valley. In the rooms, you will find both warm and cold showers, power/lighting which is provided by Solar, and a fully stocked Bar and restaurant.

Facts about Kidepo valley national park.

Kidepo Valley national Park is a protected and isolated national Park of Uganda. The park is located in the Northeastern part of the country, which forms a border with Kenya and Sudan. Though situated in the remote part of the Karamoja region, Kidepo valley national Park, still stands out to be one among the best wildlife and bird watching destinations in Uganda due to the numerous wildlife, yet some of them cant be found in other national park of Uganda. Some animals in the national Park includes; Rothschild Giraffes, zebras, Leopards, Cheetahs, Lions, Elephants, Buffaloes, Oryx, Warthogs, Oribi, Eland, reedbuck,Spotted hyenas, jackals, Side stripped Jackal, Bat eared Fox and the birds include among others; Ostriches, Kori bustard, red and Yellow barbet, Pygmy, Abyssinian ground hornbill, Falcon among others.

How to get to Kidepo valley national Park

The most convenient, easiest and quickest way to get to kidepo Valley National Park is by Air, although you can get to by road in a private

4×4 jeep or public means of transport, yet sometimes the roads are impassable.

The Park possesses 4 routes by road, that is 2 on the East and the other on the West, respectively as listed below:

From Kampala to Kidepo for 571km in 10 hrs through Karuma, Gulu, and Kitgum/

From Kampala to kidepo for 705 in12 hrs, via Karuma, Lira, Kotido and kabong

Kampala to Kidepo for 740km in 12 hrs, via Mbale, Sironko, Moroto, Kotido, and Kabong,

Kampala to Kidepo for 792km in 13 hours, via Mbale, Soroti, Mororto, Kotifo and kabong in 13 hours.

Best time to Visit kidepo valley national park

Kidepo valley National Park can be visited all year round, although the dry months of September, October, November , December, January and February are ranked as the best time to Visit Kidepo Valley national Park.