Best Mid-range Accommodation/Lodges Murchison Falls national Park

Murchison Falls national Park  Midrange Lodges and places to stay. Find the best mid-range lodges in Murchison Falls national Park for any experience in any month.

The Mid-range accommodation/Lodge options are descent mid-range property in Murchison Falls National Park, offering a modest range of safari activities. These mid-range accommodations in Murchison Falls National park include; Twiga safari lodge, Budongo Ecolodge, Pakuba Safari Lodge, Murchison River Lodge,  Sambiya River Lodge, Park side safari lodge, Amuka safari Lodge, Bwan Tembo safari Lodge,

Twiga Safari Lodge

Twiga Safari Lodge-Mid-range hotel accommodation in mUrchison Falls National Park

Twiga safari lodge is an affordable mid-range accommodation in Murchison Falls national park, for a safari camping experience under the comfort of a thatched roof, 5-minute drive from the ferry crossing to Murchison, offers high-speed Wi-Fi, mid-range Accommodation in Murchison Falls National Park, outdoor dining area at Twiga Safari Lodge.

Set on the bank of River Nile in Mubako Paraa, facing the park, Twiga safari lodge is an extremely mid-range accommodation with guest accommodation in 8 private cottages and offering free high-speed Wi-Fi and parking, the lodge has its own restaurant, bar, and gift shop. The service is exceptional, and the lodge has a relaxed ambience.

Additionally, there are also greater sights of bird species, monkeys and numerous park animals lounging at the River bank during the day and also grazing around the lodge at night.

Enjoy a camping safari experience under the relief of a thatched roof.

Pakuba Safari Lodge- Mid-range Accommodation in murchison Falls National Park

Situated on the Eastern Bank  of the Albert Nile,  Pakuba Safari Lodge is an extremely modern  3 Star suburban lodge,  placed at just a short distance  from Tangi Gate of Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda.

Pakuba Safari Lodge is our favorite mid-range option. The three-star suburban lodge is situated on the east bank of the Albert Nile. The lodge is a modern incarnation of the former state lodge that was previously visited by Idi Amin, and its ruins can still be seen. Pakuba is a short distance from the Tangi Gate of Murchison Falls National Park.

You can take a cool off in the property’s outdoor pool after  a fool day excursion, or grab a drink from the fully stocked bar, otherwise, just sit at the window as you admire the impressive views of the Albert Nile and the river provides a refreshing evening breeze., where you might glimpse a few animals such as leopards, giraffes among others.

Budongo Ecolodge

Budongo Ecolodge is set 8km North of kichumbanyobo entrance gate, along the road that connects Masindi to Paraa. Budongo Ecolodge offers 5 comfortable cabins and four large dormitory rooms for larger groups.  The accommodation does not overlook the Nile River but provides breathtaking views of Budongo Forest. Budongo Forest is famed for protecting various species of birds and more than 600 chimpanzees

In the past, the hotel was a research station for Jane Goodall Institute, but was later renovated to provide beautiful intimate ambience and comfortable base for forest exploration.

The On-site visitor center is very informative about the local area, and and the ancient fossils. The lodge’s craft shop sells handmade gifts to commemorate your stay.

The activities that are commonly done here are chimpanzee trekking and forest walks.

Murchison River Lodge

Set on the southern bank of the Nile River, Murchison River Lodge lies on a 30 acre concession in Murchison Falls National Park, offering a broad range of accommodation: thatched cottages, thatched safari tents, river tents, and a campsite.

Yet the on-site restaurant mainly uses locally sourced ingredients, such as buying its meat from a local butchery in Jinja.

This family run lodge that was established by Chris & Georgie with the major objective of creating impressive ambience for all kinds of adventure enthusiasts, regardless of their budget, offers pleasant view of the park.

Being an eco-friendly lodge, Murchison River lodge uses solar power  to pump water for the swimming pool and generate lights.

Murchison River Lodge boasts of hospitable staff, who provide unmatched services, and are always willing to share with their clients the knowledge about their surroundings.