Gorilla Permits in Rwanda

Mountain Gorilla tracking permit in Rwanda costs $1500 for International tourists, Foreign residents in East Africa at $500, African Citizens at $500, Foreign residents in Africa is $500, Rwandan citizens is $200, East Africa Community (EAC) citizens at $200. Each gorilla trekking permit is issued per person, per day, to track one gorilla Family

Rwanda offers Gorilla trekking permits (to Rwanda citizens, East African Citizens & African citizens during the months of June, July, August, & September) that must be acquired a month early prior to the tracking date , beyond which  they will buy at the same rate of $1500. While the Gorilla trekking permit costs $1500, there are still other benefits attached for low season in Volcanoes National Park inform of:

  • 30% off per person if reaching Nyungwe & Akagera National Parks on a 3 days safari
  • 15% off per person trekking gorilla after Rwanda MICE events (Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, Exhibition)
  • $30000 for 3 persona visiting Rwanda for a 3 days Behind the scenes with the Gorillas in Rwanda.

Why is the cost of Rwanda gorilla tracking Permit Expensive?

  1. Out of $1500, 10% of the total value of each permit  is contributed towards the development of the surrounding gorilla communities especially Schools, hospitals, income generating projects, which makes it possible for the nearby communities to wholly protect, than poach Gorillas.
  2. Part of the revenue is channeled for the conservation of several conservation such as Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International, The Gorilla Organization, International Gorilla Conservation Organization, Gorilla Doctors and Wildlife Conservation Society

How to Book/Buy A Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Permit

The best way to buy a Rwanda Gorilla permit through a reliable  local tour Operator otherwise you can easily book or buy directly with Rwanda Development Board through their website

Important Things to note about Rwanda Gorilla trekking Permits

  • No Refund will be given for cancellation of the trip for any reason
  • One can easily change dates after purchasing/booking a gorilla trekking permit by rescheduling at cost of 30% of the total  complet price of a gorilla permit
  • Trekkers who miss seeing gorillas during the gorilla trek, can be refunded a 75% of their gorilla permit fee, which is very rare.

Discounts on Gorilla trekking Permits

Rwanda development board issues multiple discounts to those book a longer gorilla trekking safari, with an extra visit to Nyungwe Forest national Park and Akagera National Park, hence an excellent opportunity to acquire a gorilla trekking permit.