List of What To Wear (Packing list) For Gorilla Trekking in Uganda Congo Rwanda

Gorilla trekking Gear(Packing List). Gorilla trekking is Africa’s most celebrated  activity, drawing adventure seeking tourists  to  meet face to face with the endangered Mountain/lowland Gorillas in Uganda, Rwanda & Congo.

Gorilla trekking gear(packing List)

Planning a gorilla trekking safari in Bwindi Impenetrable National park, Volcanoes National Park, Mgahinga National Park , Virunga National Park and  Kahuzi Biega National Park demands for the right gear to navigate over the different landscapes and trails, although they settle at higher elevations, which makes them rainy, humid and cold during  night hours.

Find below a definitive guide of what to wear, what to pack (List) for gorilla trekking to safeguard you from insect bites, flies, coldness, thorn pricks among others for a successful Gorilla trekking safari adventure.

All Inclusive Guide For Gorilla trekking  Gear(Packing List)

Gorilla Trekking/Habituation Permits, Passport, Visa Resident IDs:

A valid Passport, Visa, Gorilla trekking & resident IDs are a must have documents for trekking Mountain Gorillas, as well as other safaris.  Valid travel documents are ideal for any safari in in Africa. Don’t forget  the Yellow fever card.

Waterproof Long Sleeved Shirts & Pair of Trousers

Long Sleeved shirts & a pair of long  trousers especially waterproof khaki of neutral, green & light brown are ideal  to safeguard the body from cold in the morning hours, as well as  bites from insects.  They also protect the body from being scratched by nettles, thorns, tree branches and Vines

Breathable thick socks

Wear a quality pair of breathable thick socks on your feet to keep them warm. Opting to tuck the ends of the trousers into the sock helps protect your  legs from bites from nettles and  crawling insects.

Weatherproof hiking boots

A comfortable weatherproof hiking boots is an ideal ankle support for hiking through the muddy, & slippery terrain when trekking gorillas  through the undefined routes in the jungles of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga National Park, Volcanoes National Park , Virunga National Park and Kahuzi Biega National Park.

Water resistant rain jacket,

While All Gorilla trekking destinations are positioned in the higher altitudes,  chances of rains in the thick forest is usually unpredictable. It is always advisable to carry handy, a light weight waterproof rain jacket or poncho so as to keep you dry & warm from rainy showers  that may occur in the forest.

Wide brim hat

Weather in Africa is both hot & cold, therefore, forest mist can disappear, and the sun may be so unbearable on the higher altitudes. However a wide brimmed hat will help protect not only your head, but eyes and neck from being exposed directly to the scorching sun or rains.


Applying sunscreen on the exposed parts of the skin, to safeguard it from the sun rays which  can prove to be so hush on higher altitudes.

Water bottle

Carry at least 2 liters of water in your water bottle, so as to keep yourself hydrated each time by drinking enough because Gorilla trekking is a pleasant adrenaline activity which keeps your heart pumping, as well as experiencing high rate of sweat due to the high altitude.

Insect repellant

Gorilla trekking takes you through lush forest trails, where different insects are found. Therefore, it is a good thing to apply an insect repellant like the RID to protect yourself from frequent insect bites.

 face masks,

A face mask is a must have, when trekking Gorillas. This helps protect the remaining species from being affected by the respiratory diseases like flue. Because Gorillas are too fragile, that they can easily contract diseases from humans.

Cameras & Pair of Binoculars

All safaris including Gorilla trekking are incomplete without cameras. Gorilla trekking not only offers a glimpse of gorilla individuals, but also chances of meeting other primate and Mammal species like Elephants, Black & White Colobus animals, Buffaloes as well as several bird species which all together form remarkable memories, when captured. Use your camera to capture awe-inspiring moment when with the gorillas, yet Binoculars will help you view distant creatures that are far from reach.

waterproof back pack

A weatherproof back pack is an important item that gathers all particulars like water bottle, travel documents, gorilla permits, cameras, Pair of Binoculars, sunscreen, insect repellants among others.

Walking Poles

Walking poles helps to traverse through the  pristine vegetation and unclear rough terrains, that may comprise of hills and Valleys.