Best Zanzibar Accommodations & Resorts(Where To Stay?)

Catching the rich quintessence of the ‘Spice Island’, Zanzibar accommodations in general is a mix of superb lodgings, boutiques, completely fascinating resorts settled on famous Island’s beaches. However, a few fine hotels can likewise be tracked down in heart of captivating Stone Town, Zanzibar’s historical capital.

Frequently joined with a Tanzania safari, Rwanda gorilla safari & Kenya safari, Zanzibar is not only a stand alone vacation destination on its own. Jump or snorkel overflowing coral reefs, swim with dolphins, Explore the little hiding spots of Stone Town, set out on a Spice Visit or just relax on the ocean front – with the ideal decision of Zanzibar Accommodations & Resorts, this and more is all conceivable.

In case you’re searching for something somewhat more remote and special Zanzibar Accommodations & Resorts, why not attempt one of our handpicked lodges/accommodations on Zanzibar’s adjoining atolls? Pemba Island, Mafia Island and confidential Mnemba Island all offer absolute, extravagant and intimate accommodations, ideal for honeymooners or sentimental people.

Approved Zanzibar Accommodations & Resorts For Overnight Stays

Sunset Kendwa Beach

Accommodations In Zanzibar(Where to Stay)

Sunset Kendwa Beach is a tranquil beachfront resort nestled along the pristine shores of Kendwa in northern Zanzibar. Boasting a laid-back atmosphere and stunning sunset views, the resort offers cozy bungalows and rooms designed with traditional Zanzibari flair and modern amenities. Guests can bask in the sun on the soft white sands, swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean, or simply unwind by the infinity pool overlooking the sea. The resort’s restaurant serves delectable local and international cuisine, and the beachfront bar is the perfect spot to enjoy refreshing cocktails while soaking in the breathtaking vistas. With its idyllic setting and relaxed ambiance, Sunset Kendwa Beach offers an unforgettable retreat for travelers seeking serenity and natural beauty.

Amaan Bungalows

Accommodations in Zanzibar-Where to saty

Amaan Bungalows is a charming beachfront retreat nestled along the picturesque coastline of Nungwi in northern Zanzibar. Offering a laid-back atmosphere and authentic Zanzibari hospitality, the resort features cozy bungalows scattered amidst lush tropical gardens, each providing a peaceful sanctuary for guests. With traditional Makuti roofs and Swahili-style decor, the accommodations exude rustic charm while offering modern comforts. Guests can unwind on the sun-kissed beach, take a dip in the refreshing swimming pool, or embark on thrilling water sports adventures. The resort’s restaurant serves delicious local and international cuisine, with fresh seafood specialties, and guests can enjoy breathtaking sunset views from the beachfront bar. Amaan Bungalows offers an idyllic retreat for travelers seeking a relaxed beach getaway with a touch of island authenticity.

Ocean Paradise Resort & Spa

Accommodations(where to stay) in Zanzibar

Ocean Paradise Resort & Spa is a luxurious beachfront retreat located on Zanzibar’s northeastern coast, offering a perfect blend of tranquility and indulgence. Set amidst lush tropical gardens and overlooking the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, the resort features spacious rooms and suites designed with contemporary elegance and traditional Swahili accents. Guests can relax on the pristine white-sand beach, take a dip in the sparkling swimming pools, or indulge in a variety of water sports activities. The resort’s restaurants serve a tantalizing array of culinary delights, from fresh seafood to international cuisine, while the tranquil spa offers rejuvenating treatments inspired by local traditions. With its breathtaking natural beauty and world-class amenities, Ocean Paradise Resort & Spa provides an unforgettable escape for those seeking serenity and luxury in paradise.

The Mora Luxury Hotel

the mora zanzibar

The Mora is a boutique luxury hotel nestled in the heart of Zanzibar’s Stone Town, offering an intimate and exclusive retreat for discerning travelers. This meticulously restored 19th-century mansion seamlessly blends historic charm with modern sophistication, boasting elegant rooms and suites adorned with traditional Zanzibari decor and contemporary amenities. Guests can savor gourmet cuisine at the hotel’s rooftop restaurant, which offers panoramic views of the city skyline and the Indian Ocean. The Mora’s personalized service and attention to detail ensure a truly memorable stay, while its central location allows for easy exploration of Stone Town’s vibrant culture, historic sites, and bustling markets.

The Residence Zanzibar

the residence

The Residence Zanzibar: Nestled amidst 32 hectares of lush gardens and pristine beaches, The Residence Zanzibar offers a sanctuary of luxury and tranquility. The resort’s elegant villas feature traditional Swahili architecture with contemporary furnishings, private pools, and verandas overlooking the Indian Ocean. Guests can dine at the hotel’s beachfront restaurant, indulge in a pampering spa treatment, or partake in a variety of water sports activities. With its unparalleled beauty and gracious hospitality, The Residence Zanzibar provides a truly unforgettable escape for discerning travelers.

Baraza Resort & Spa

baraza resort spa

Inspired by the opulent palaces of the Sultans, Baraza Resort & Spa exudes luxury and elegance at every turn. Located along the pristine Bwejuu Beach, the resort offers spacious villas adorned with hand-carved furniture, intricate brass lanterns, and vibrant Swahili fabrics. Guests can indulge in gourmet cuisine at the resort’s restaurants, relax by the infinity pool, or rejuvenate at the award-winning Frangipani Spa. Whether lounging on the beach or exploring the vibrant marine life, Baraza Resort & Spa provides an unforgettable experience in paradise.

Essque Zalu Zanzibar

Zanzibar Accommodations & Resorts

Set against the backdrop of the picturesque Nungwi Beach, Essque Zalu Zanzibar epitomizes luxury and sophistication. The resort’s spacious suites and villas boast contemporary African design elements, private plunge pools, and breathtaking views of the ocean or lush gardens. Guests can savor gourmet cuisine at the hotel’s restaurants, relax with a signature treatment at the Baobab Spa, or embark on a cultural excursion to explore the island’s rich heritage. With its unparalleled beauty and personalized service, Essque Zalu Zanzibar offers an unparalleled retreat for discerning travelers.

Meliá Zanzibar Hotel

Zanzibar Accommodations & Resorts

Nestled along the northeast coast of Zanzibar, Meliá Zanzibar provides a secluded oasis of luxury and relaxation. Surrounded by lush gardens and overlooking the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, the resort offers spacious villas and suites with contemporary furnishings and private terraces. Guests can indulge in a variety of water sports activities, unwind by the infinity pool, or rejuvenate at the tranquil YHI Spa. With its picturesque setting and world-class amenities, Meliá Zanzibar promises an unforgettable escape

Park Hyatt Zanzibar

Zanzibar Accommodations & Resorts

Situated in the heart of Stone Town, Park Hyatt Zanzibar offers a harmonious blend of historical charm and contemporary luxury. Its elegant rooms and suites feature traditional Zanzibari decor with modern amenities, and guests can enjoy stunning views of the Indian Ocean from their private balconies. The hotel’s restaurants serve a fusion of local and international cuisines, while the tranquil Anantara Spa provides rejuvenating treatments amidst the island’s serene ambiance.