1 Day White Water Rafting On River Nile Jinja Uganda

1 Day White Water Rafting Jinja. Book a 1 day White water rafting on the Nile River on half or full day. This 1 Day white Water rafting on the Nile River Jinja Uganda costs $ 145 to 250, for half or full day grade 3, grade 4, & grade 5, rapids. White Water rafting is only recommended for persons at least 6 years of age, below which are not allowed.

White Water Rafting on River Nile Jinja Uganda is an exhilarating adrenaline activity for adventure seeking travelers, who would love to experience  from grade 2 family float, grade 3 half day white rafting or full day Nile Water rafting with class 4 rapids.1 day White water rafting on the Nile River in Jinja Uganda is of 3 levels : grade 2 (family floating without rapids), grade 3, and grade 4 & grade 5 which is more challenging to increase your adrenaline and the rate of your pumping heart.

White Water Rafting On The Nile River Jinja

White Water Rafting On The Nile River

White water Rafting is a true adrenaline experience on a12-mile stretch of Natural White Nile River rafting adventure through eight world-class rapids with names such as: Overtime, Bubugo, Hair of the Dog and Nile special.  Choose from a family friendly grade 3 or the thrilling grade V rapids, or do both sections on a full (1) day white water (Nile River) rafting.

1 day Water Water Rafting

The mighty River Nile, (where the most exciting water rafting  is experienced) is dubbed the world’s longest river, in Jinja, located in Eastern Uganda. The rafts on the Nile River pours large Volumes of its white water through huge walls and flows with rapids northwards.

The source of the white Nile River is in Lake Victoria in Jinja Uganda, and continuously flows northwards for a 4200 mile journey into the Mediterranean sea.

White Water rafting in Jinja Uganda is an ideal #1 awe inspiring high adrenaline & heart pumping challenge among Uganda safaris that every adventure seeking traveler must not miss out on their bucket list travel options.

White Water (Nile River) Rafting Experience in Jinja Uganda

1 full day Nile River white water rafting includes a lead guide with whom you will raft, an independent oar-boat having 3 guide a long side safety Kayakas who are ready to rescue all rafters in case the boat flips over. The standard full day white water rafting also includes a photographer as well as a videographer, each in their own Kayaks, who go ahead of the group to capture beautiful shots of the turning over rapids and waterfalls.

The actual rafting day, begins with a pick early in the morning from hotel residence in Kampala by a safari driver guide from Aloyo Safaris. For approximately 2-3 hours drive,  you will arrive  in time, perfect for breakfast, followed by safety briefing, then fitting in your safety gears, and set off  for your best ever white water rafting challenge, along with the lead guide plus expert kayakers.

You will be informed about the safety tips including: how to paddle? how to get hold of the rope for safety, how to release the rope & fall out of the boat in the right way one it flips over as well as staying still while holding your breath until a kayaker comes to your rescue.

Your adrenaline will always go high, and the heart beat rate will usually increase as you Passover various water falls including; overtime , Itanda, then over the rapids of Bubugu rapids.

A delicious lunch comprising of sandwiches & fresh fruits will be provided, while cold beers are available after passing the Nile special rapid- a grade 4 rapid.

For a 3- 5 hours full day White water rafting, the first mile as you go down stream, provides hope for full time training so that all rafters get acquainted to approach all the rapids.

Usually there always 9  major rapids, out of which 4 are  grade 5, in route has 9 main rapids, four of which are grade 5. These rapids get mor beautiful and stronger as the bat rolls down stream to the end point for about 26km.

A delicious lunch comprising of sandwiches & fresh fruits will be provided, while cold beers are available after passing the  last Nile Special rapid – a grade 4 rapid, during the barbeque party, after which you will embark on your drive back to Kampala, to be dropped at your hotel or Airport for a night flight back to your country.

Safari Inclusions

English speaking driver

White water rafting fees



Bottled drinking water

Safari exclusions

Visas and all international flights


Any changes to the itinerary



Individual health &  accident insurance.

End of 1 day White (Nile River) water Rafting Jinja Uganda Safari