Kenya To Charge 20 Ksh From Tourists For Tree Seedlings

Kenya To Charge 20 Ksh From Tourists For Tree Seedlings. Kenya is set to introduce a new initiative where every tourist visiting the country will be charged Sh20 for purchasing tree seedlings. Dr. Alfred Mutua, the Cabinet Secretary for Tourism and Wildlife, announced this development on May 9.

Kenya To Charge 20 Ksh From Tourists For Tree Seedlings

Dr. Mutua disclosed this plan during an event hosted by Jenny Da Rin, the Australian High Commissioner to Kenya. The event also marked the announcement of the Australian tourism company Intrepid’s expansion in East Africa. According to Dr. Mutua, his ministry is developing a framework that Kenya To Charge 20 Ksh From Tourists For Tree Seedlings.

 “The government plans to ensure that every tourist visiting Kenya plants a tree,” Dr. Mutua stated. “We are coordinating with the Tourism Board to provide each visitor with a tree seedling upon arrival. The fee of Sh20 per seedling is minimal and manageable for tourists. This initiative allows them to plant a tree and track its growth whenever they return to Kenya. We aim for at least one tree per tourist,” he added.

During the same event, Intrepid co-founder and Chairman Darrell Wade shared the company’s vision for expanding the operations in Kenya and the greater East Africa region. In the previous year, Intrepid facilitated travel for 5,000 tourists in East Africa, and Wade expressed the company’s ambition to significantly increase this number. Their strategy includes deeper integration into local markets, particularly in sectors like accommodation, to strengthen their presence in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda.

“East Africa boasts rich biodiversity and diverse cultures. By promoting sustainable travel practices, tourists can responsibly experience these natural wonders while contributing positively to the region’s future. Our tourism activities should prioritize responsible practices that protect wildlife habitats and cultural heritage, support sustainable livelihoods, and engage communities in tourism planning and management,” Wade emphasized.

Jenny Da Rin, the new Australian High Commissioner, highlighted that over 22,000 Australians visited Kenya in 2023. She stressed the importance of providing safe and secure travel experiences to enhance the understanding and connection between the two countries.

“The tourism-dependent communities in Kenya and Australia rely on visitors for economic activity and job creation. Ensuring that Kenya remains a safe and attractive destination for Australian tourists benefits both nations,” Da Rin remarked.

Since her arrival in December, Da Rin has engaged in discussions with the Kenyan government on strengthening bilateral ties in sectors like mining, services, education, agriculture, health, and tourism. To support these efforts, Australia has relocated the headquarters of its Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) to Nairobi, with Scott Morriss serving as the Trade Commissioner for Africa.

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