Chimpanzee habituation Experience in Kibale National Park

Chimpanzee Habituation Experience in Kibale Forest National Park allows 4 people to stay with the chimpanzees for the whole day at $300 cost. Chimpanzee Habituation Experience in Kibale Forest National Park alludes to the method involved with making chimps used to people around them. It requires around 2-3 years to finish the habituation.5 days uganda safari


Chimpanzee habituation experience like chimpanzee tracking starts with briefing from the Kanyanchu visitors center, although it requires waking up early before dawn. Along with packed lunch, you will arrive for briefing at 6:00am, and later on proceed to the forest with two experienced guides for habituation.

The guides will lead you to the spot, where they last saw the chimpanzees the previous days. By around 6:30-6:45 am, the chimpanzees will start coming out of their nests to the ground. This then will open up chances of seeing others mate, breast feed their young ones, socialize, while others will build their nets among other activities.

Besides Chimpanzee habituation, you might across other primates species such as black and white colobus monkeys, Red colobus monkeys, blue monkeys, vervet monkeys, olive baboons among others.  The forest also has some other animals which are rarely seen, like elephants, buffaloes, bush bucks, sitatunga, antelopes,  duikers and leopards.

Chimpanzee habituation Experience permits

Chimpanzee habituation is a process of shaping and grooming chimpanzees to familiarize with human beings, and also for tracking. This process may take a time range between 2-3 years, before they are released for tracking by individuals.

Kibale Forest national Park, is the only Ugandan National Park where chimpanzee habituation is done and has about 1500 chimpanzees out of 4950 individual chimpanzees that Uganda has.

Unlike chimpanzee tracking where a group of 8 trackers are allowed to spend at most 1 hour in the presence of the chimpanzees, Chimpanzee habituation, calls for 4 people per group who will spend 4 full hours in the presence of the chimpanzees.  This process allows for visitors to watch them feed, play, mate, build their nests, and mate among other activities.

How much does a chimpanzee habituation cost?

Like chimpanzee tracking permit, trackers also need chimpanzee habituation permits for chimpanzee habituation which costs $300 per person per day for foreign Nonresidents, $300 for Foreign residents while East African residents pay 150000 Ugx.

How do I Obtain a chimpanzee habituation permit?

Like Chimpanzee tracking permits, Chimpanzee Habituation permits are also obtained directly from Uganda wildlife Authority offices in Kampala, or you can book through a loyal tour operator. Permits are booked 3 months prior to the habituation date, and are only issued to persons from the age of 15 years