Getting To Mount Kenya National Park

Getting To Mount Kenya: How to Get To Mount Kenya National Park From Nairobi. The cheapest and fastest way to go to Mount Kenya National Park is by Air(flight), but can also be reached by road (4×4) or train. Mount Kenya National Park is staged at Nanyuki-Isiolo road, so you can choose to go by 4×4, train or by air.

How to get to Mount Kenya From Nairobi- getting to Mount KenyaThe cheapest & fastest way to reach to Mount Kenya from Nairobi is by flight/air which costs between $120-$300 for approximately 41 minutes to 1 hour. Arranged domestic flights are either by Safari link or  AirKenya Express  that depart from Nairobi Wilson Airport to Nanyuki Airport or Laikipia Airport, because they are the nearest airstrips.


While traveling by road for 137km distance in approximately 3.5 to 4 hours will indulge you into more adventure of enjoying the breathtaking landscapes and the scenic beauty that Kenya has to offer. From Nairobi, you will reach an asphalt road that circles the base of the mountain, Connecting the area towns of Naro Moru, Nanyuki, Meru and Embu.

Yet another very best way to access or reach there without a car or air is by train in 2 ½ hours, although it operates on Tuesdays and Fridays only.

How far is Mount Kenya National Park From  Nairobi City By Road

Mount Kenya is located suitably about 200km from Nairobi in the Northeast.  For safari enthusiasts arriving into Kenya by flight from their home country to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, are normally picked by their tour operator company representatives. After then they are driven in a customized 4×4 jeep by road to the starting point at the base of Mount Kenya national park.

Though Mount Kenya is reachable, it is also important that you climb it with a professional and experienced guide.  On the summiting day, a pre-dawn start is highly recommended – meaning you’ll get to enjoy watching the sunrise over the savannah by 7:30 am. At the point Lenana, you will be endowed with impressive panoramic views of the Kenyan plains as well as the other mountain peaks of Nelion and Mbatian surrounding the Rift Valley. On a lucky  day when the skies are clear, you may even see Kilimanjaro from a distance.

How To Climb Mount Kenya?

Mount Kenya comprises of 3 peaks: Batian(at 5199m or17, 057ft), Nelion( at 5188m or 17,021ft) & point Lenana( at 4985m or 16,354ft), all of which have different climbing techniques, different levels of climbers’ experience, different season and different routes.

While climbing Batian peak, which is the highest peak of Mount Kenya and occasionally climbed by advanced rock climbing & mountaineering experts, who traverse through the North face route trail route, which is quite unchallenged in December, January, February and March. Nelion Peak is the second peak at 5188m, is also quite strenuous, and the climbers hike through the Multi-pitch rocks to reach the peak along the South-Ridge route.

However, Point Lenana, is the 3rd highest peak of Mount Kenya, which rises to an elevation of 4985m or 16,354ft is much easier to climb, and doesn’t require technical skills to climb it. Lenana peak, besides the other two, is most populous, and highly climbed all year round. The peak can be accessed by 3 major trail routes of Sirimon, Chogoria and Naromoru, although, there are minor routes such as Burguret & Timau.