Mount Kenya National Park | Location, Size, Peaks, Routes &  Mount Kenya Treks.

Mount Kenya National Park at 715 sq kilometers became a National Park in 1949 to protect Mt. Kenya at 5199m, (Africa’s second tallest peak) in Central Kenya, & also was dubbed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997


Mount Kenya National Park was gazetted to protect Mount Kenya in 1949, and became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. The Park is located in central Kenya, just 150 km (93 mi) north-northeast of Nairobi, and covers a total land area of 715 square kilometers (276 sq mi), which is made up of several landscapes including: alpine rivers, pristine mountain forest, heathlands, and bamboo zone.

Mount Kenya National Park Landscape is entirely dominated by Mount Kenya (5199m), Africa’s 2nd tallest mountain, after the renown Uhuru peak of Mount Kilimanjaro at 5895m.

The park can be accessed from several entry points, with Nanyuki and Chogoria being the major gateways for tourists, and the headquarters is in Naro Moru

History/Facts About Mount Kenya National Park

While Mount Kenya National Park, boasts of divers plant species of rare and endemic species, the park is also a home to several wildlife, such as: elephants, buffaloes, leopards, and primates, not forgetting a plethora of avian population, more than 130 bird species recorded in the region, some of which are notable, like, the African crowned eagle, sunbirds, and turacos.

Culturally, Mount Kenya is worshiped by the Kikuyu People, as the sacred throne of their god “Ngai”, which is the major reason, why they used to build their houses, with their doors facing the mountain.

Mount Kenya National Park conservation efforts are channeled to focus on preserving the impressive ecosystems, protecting wildlife, and addressing the effects of climate change on the mountain’s glaciers and water resources. However, sustainable tourism practices are also encouraged.

Mount Kenya Peaks & Routes

It has 3 major peaks of Batian (5,199m or 17,057 feet), Nelion (5,188 m or 17,021 ft) and Point Lenana (4,985 m or 16,355 ft), although Batian and Nelion are always iced with snow and small glaciers, with many technical alpine climbs.

There are 3 principle routes for climbing Mount Kenya including Sirimon route, Chogoria route, Naro Moru route and 5 minor ones like: Meru route, Kamweti route, Burguret route, and Timau Route all of which start from the North, and follows the clockwise direction.

Mount Kenya is famous for climbing & trekking trips/safaris to point Lenana (at 4985m), and offers 3 major (frequently used) routes: sirimon, chogoria and Naro Moru  for summit-ting to its peak each varying in difficulty and different levels of technical climbing skills. Other 5 minor routes are only used, with permission from KWS.

Visiting Mount Kenya National Park offers a unique chance to explore one of Africa’s most iconic peaks, experience diverse ecosystems, and enjoy the amazing cultural traditions of the region. Whether you’re interested in trekking, wildlife viewing, or simply enjoying the breathtaking beauty, the park offers a lifetime adventure for nature enthusiasts and travelers.

How To Get To Mount Kenya National Park

How to Get To Mount Kenya From Nairobi. The cheapest and fastest way to go to Mount Kenya is by Air(flight), but can also be reached by road (4×4) or train. Mount Kenya National Park is staged at Nanyuki-Isiolo road, so you can choose to go by 4×4, train or by air.

By flight/air which costs between $120-$300 for approximately 45mins to 1.5hrs. You can arranged domestic flights from either Safari link or AirKenya Express that depart from Nairobi Wilson Airport to Nanyuki Airport or Laikipia Airport, because they are the nearest airstrips. Read More

How to get to Mount kenya

Best Time Of  The Year To Visit Mount Kenya National Park

When is the best time of the Year to Visit Mount Kenya National Park? When is the best time For climbing or Trekking/hiking Batian, Nelion and Lenana Peaks of Mount Kenya?

The best time to climb or trek or hike Batian peak, Nelion peak and Lenana peaks of Mount Kenya from all the routes are the dry months of  January, March, June and October, although it can be climbed all year round, due to the unpredictable climate change yet April, May and November have been months of rain.Read More

Mount Kenya Spectacular landscape

Top Recommended Mount Kenya Treks

Mount Kenya Spectacular landscape

3 Days Mt. Kenya Sirimon Route.

3 days Mount Kenya offers an ultimate 3 days Climbing Mt. Kenya to Lenana Point/Peak  at 4985m via Sirimon route through Old Moses camp, Shipton camp From Nairobi.


3 Days Mt.Kenya Naro Moru Trek

3 Days Mt. Kenya Naro Moru route Climbing Trek to Point Lenana: The trail is an ideal route to climb the Mount Kenya peaks, but also consists of beautifully built tourist accommodations with spectacular views of the Batian and Nelion peaks

waterfall in mount kenya

3 days Mount Kenya Chogoria

The Chogoria route/trail is the most recommended, and remarkable route for climbing Mount Kenya to Lenana Point, which  passes through the Gorges and  Valley which are undoubtedly spectacular.

Naromoru-sirimon hike

5 Days Sirmon Chogoria Climb

5 days Naro Moru Sirimon Safari. #Itinerary: Day 1: Met Station, Day 2: Mackinders Camp, Day 3:Lenana Peak down shipton’s camp, Day 4: Old Moses camp, Day 5: Depart For Nairobi

Mount Kenya National Park lake tour

5 Days Mt. Kenya Lake Tour

The 5 day mount Kenya Lake tour via the beautiful chogoria explores Lake Ellis, Lake Michaelson and Point Lenana of Mount Kenya National Park.

beautiful picture of lenana peak

4 Days Mt. Kenya Chogoria Sirimon

4 days Mount Kenya Climbing chogoria Sirimon is a thrilling 4 day mount Kenya climbing through Chogoria route to Sirimon route, through Lake Ellis camp, Mintos Camp & Point Lenana

snow capped mt kenya

5 days Mt. Kenya Chogoria-Naro Moru

5 days Mount Kenya climbing via Chogoria Naro Moru route takes you through the most spectacular route, although we recommend that this route is best used during the dry months of the Year.

climbing mount kenya

7 Days Mt. Kenya Burguret Route

7 Days burguret Route: Climbing Mount Kenya via Burguret-Chogoria route in 7 days takes you to Lenana Peak at 4985m from Burguret, and down through Chogoria.