Getting To Tsavo East National Park From Mombasa & Nairobi

Getting to Tsavo East National Park is available both by road and flight/air: Tsavo East National Park is located in southeastern Kenya, encompassing an area of approximately 13,747 square kilometers (5,308 square miles). It’s part of the larger Tsavo Conservation Area, which also includes Tsavo West National Park and other adjacent reserves.

Driving From Nairobi To Tsavo East By road

Getting To Tsavo East National Park

The most common route to Tsavo East from Nairobi involves traveling along the Nairobi-Mombasa Highway (A109). The journey takes approximately 4-5 hours, covering a distance of about 330 kilometers (205 miles).

Once reaching the park’s boundaries, visitors can access various gates, such as the Manyani Gate, Voi Gate, and Buchuma Gate, depending on their intended destination within the park. From Mombasa:

Getting To Tsavo East National Park By Road From Mombasa

Travelers can also use the Nairobi-Mombasa Highway (A109) and then enter the park through the Voi Gate, which is the main entrance for visitors approaching from the coast. The drive from Mombasa to Tsavo East takes approximately 2-3 hours, covering a distance of about 160 kilometers (100 miles).

How To Access Tsavo East By Flight/Air

Tsavo East National Park has several airstrips located within or near its boundaries, allowing for convenient access by air. Chartered flights from Nairobi or other major cities in Kenya can fly directly to these airstrips, providing a faster and more scenic alternative to traveling by road. Some lodges and safari camps within the park offer airstrip transfers for guests arriving by air, ensuring seamless transportation from the airstrip to their accommodations.

Overall, whether traveling by road or air, accessing Tsavo East National Park is relatively straightforward, offering visitors the flexibility to choose the most convenient mode of transportation based on their preferences and travel plans.