Best Time to Visit kibale Forest national Park

Best time to Visit Kibale Forest national park. When is the best time to go for Chimpanzee tracking in Kibale forest National Park in Uganda?

Chimpanzee tracking is best in the peak season during the driest months of December, January, February, June, July, August, which are the dry months and the best season/time to visit the Kibale Forest National Park because the trails are dry and passable. While some visitors prefer the low season of the rainy/wet months, which is the best time for bird-watching in Kibale National Park.

When (best time) to visit Kibale Forest national Park
Close encounter with the Chimpanzees in Kibale forest National park for at most 1 hour-Such an inspiring experience

When is the best time to Visit Kibale Forest national Park

Kibale National Park Park is an all year round destination, with each season bringing its own highlights. Whatever time you decide to journey in the Kibale National Park – you will not be disappointed! Chimpanzee tracking can be at its best during the drier months between June to September, and December to February.

The drier months (peak season) is when most activities are carried out at the park including Chimpanzee tracking, hiking, crater lake tours, camping, nature walks, etcetera.

However, the wet months from March-May and October-November brings full waterholes, lush bushveld, many migrant birds arrive, and the trails are quite, slippery, muddy and challenging, giving hard time for the trackers to locate where the chimpanzees are, yet the trek is worth it. However, birding is best done during this season in Kibale forest National Park, especially in the bigodi Wetland Sanctuary.  This is also when some of the migrant birds arrive.

Not only that, the wet months are also favorable for chimpanzee habituation research, since the park will have few trackers each day.

The Northern area is considered the wettest in Kibale forest national Park, receiving an annual rainfall of about 1700mm each year, especially during March to May and September to November, while the southern area receives lesser rains, as the terrain drops onto a hot rift valley floor, hence the climate experienced in the park is totally incredible with an average temperature range of 140c to270c