Chimpanzee trekking Rules and Regulations

Chimpanzee trekking rules and regulations are set of instructions to teach the visitors about chimpanzee tracking and chimpanzee habituation in Kibale National park & Nyungwe National Park. These Rules and regulations are meant to protect both the Chimpanzees and the visitors who visit them daily. The chimpanzee tracking rules and regulations are put in place to provide an amazing and awe-inspiring experience with chimpanzees for a lifetime memory.

How to Get to Kibale National Park

These Chimpanzee Rules and regulations for are listed below:

  • The age limit for tracking chimpanzees begins from 15 years of age, below which are not allowed to track, neither can they go for habituation.
  • Trackers and equally habituators are not allowed to eat, drink or smoke in the presence of the chimpanzees.
  • No visitor is allowed to go against the rules of the ranger guides but instead follow their commands
  • Travelers who are suffering from Cold, flu, Diarrhoea, fever are not allowed to  track chimpanzees,
  • All travelers are advised to stand at least 7 to 8 meters further a part from the chimpanzee.
  • All visitors are not allowed to provoke chimpanzees since they always need their freedom.
  • Voices must be kept low so that more chimpanzees can be spotted as they interact with each other
  • Chimpanzee tracking is limited to 8 people per chimpanzee family with an inclusive 1 hour of spending time in the presence of these intelligent creatures. While chimp habituation requires only four individuals for a 4 hours’ close encounter with the chimpanzees
  • All trackers should follow the guides’ instructions.
  • Always carry cameras without flashlights, to avoid attacks from the chimpanzees
  • At the end of the day, chimpanzee tracking and habituation is an ultimate experience that brings long lasting memories that can never be erased. Generally, all visitors are advised to book their permits early, 3 months to the actual date of tracking or habituation.