How to Get to Kibale Forest national Park

How to get to Kibale Forest national Park: There are two ways of Getting to Kibale national Park: by air and by road. Journeys always start and end in Kampala or Entebbe International Airport. However the most convenient and budget option is traveling by road From Kampala, since there are no nearby airstrips to the Park.

Location Of Kibale National Park

Kibale National Park is situated in Western Uganda. It encompasses an area of 766 square Kilometers, and is located a total distance of approximately 340km from Kampala, 26km South East O Fort-Portal,  and about 6 hours drive from Queen Elizabeth National Park, Rwenzori Mountains National Park, Toro-Semuliki National Park. However, Kibale National Park is also nearby Ndali Kasenda Crater.

Getting To Kibale Forest National Park By Road


How to Get to Kibale National Park

Kibale forest National Park is  just a 5 hours drive from from Kampala. The Park is located 26km south East of Fort Portal, and can be reached from either the Northern route (the shortest route) or the Southern route (longest route). The Northern route(shortest route kick starts from Kampala/Entebbe international Airport to Fort Portal via Mubende. Whereas the southern route navigates through Mbarara or kamwenge road to the national Park.

Drive directly to Kibale Forest national Park From Kampala To Fort Portal Via Mubende( The Nothern Route)

The Northern route measures  300km by road on Tarmac to Fort Portal, plus a 36km drive to Kanyanchu Visitors center on Murram  which finally amounts to 336km to the Park. The 10km runway to Kanyanchu visitors center is tarmacked hence provides a good road accessibility.

Drive to The Park Via Mbarara or Kamwenge road (The Southern Route)

While One can drive from Kampala via Mbarara and Kamwenge or from Kampala via Ibanda to Kamwenge to Fort portal. Kanyanchu Visitors’ center is 39km from Fort portal , which adds up to about to 340km

However, one can also use the public means of transport by bus from Kampala to fort Portal. The bus travels daily alongo Kamwenge route, passing via sebitoli to Kanyanchu to Kabale.

Flying To Kibale Froest national Park

Although Kibale Forest national Park is further apart from any airstrip, one can still fly from Entebbe International Airports to the airstrips one among the 3 located in Mbarara and Kasese. Nyakisharara Airstrip in Mbarara is  98km through Kamwenge to kanyanchu, while Kasese Airstrip is 75km from Fort Portal, not forgetting the Tooro Semuliki Reserve Airstrip at 78km  from Kanyanchu.