Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park is located in Northwestern Uganda. The park was established as a Uganda National Park in 1952, covering a total area of 1978 square kilometers, and spans districts of Kasese, Kamwenge, Rubirizi, and Rukungiri

Queen Elizabeth National Park protects numerous wildlife like; the African elephants, African Buffalo, the Ugandan Kob, hippopotamus, topi, water buck, warthog, giant forest hog, Nile crocodiles, leopards, spotted hyena, chimpanzee and lions. The Park is a famous home for tree climbing Lions-especially the Isasha Sector in Rukungiri District.

The Park, out of 10 Uganda National Parks, attracts the highest number of visitors, because of its strategic position, and is always combined with Chimpanzee tracking in Kibale forest National Park, Rwenzori trekking in Rwenzori Mountains National Park, and Gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable national Park.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth “A Medley Of Wonders”

Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of Uganda’s most populous traveler destinations, every year getting one of the greatest number of guests than any of the country’s National Parks. The famous activities incorporate chimp tracking in Kyambura Gorge, boat trips on Kazinga channel, Wildlife  game viewing drives, not forgetting to see tree climbing lions for the Ishasha area, night drives and nature walks.Travel Guests can likewise go on a lion tracking Carnivore Program.

The famous and most visited Savannah National Park hosts a range of habitats including Lakes, Savannah grasslands, forests, wetlands, which together form a home to numerous wildlife, primates and over 600 bird species, thus making it the best destination for Uganda wildlife Safaris.

Location of Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park (QENP) is located  about 400km South West of Kampala Capital city, in the  Western part of Uganda part of Uganda.  The park form a close stretch with Kasese, Kamwenge, Rubirizi, and Rukungiri districts.

The Park also forms close borders with Kyambura Game Reserve to the east, which itself connects with Kigezi Game Reserve (including the Maramagambo Forest). While Kibale National Park adjoins  the Park to the  northeast, Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo lies across the border to the west and Rwenzori Mountains National Park in Uganda lies to the northwest.

How To Get There

Getting to Queen Elizabeth National Park by road and Air are the 2 main options of how to get to Queen Elizabeth National Park from Kampala/Entebbe or other National Parks.

A Flight from Entebbe International airport or Kajjansi Airstrip is the quickest, easiest and most convenient option, while accessing Queen Elizabeth National Park by road is time consuming, though very rewarding while navigating along the well maintained roads and enjoy a lot of nature, beautiful landscapes, stopping at the drum center or equator for photography along your way to the park.

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Best Time To Visit

Best Time to visit Queen Elizabeth National Park is during the 2 dry seasons each year, which falls between June – September & December – February. During Queen Elizabeth’s dry season, most animals gather around various water holes, which make it suitable for a glorious wildlife viewing, as well as chimpanzee tracking due to dry trails.

Nonetheless, the Park is most beautiful in the Wet seasons from March to May and August to December. April, May, October and November are abnormally wet months and during this time, the downpour could obstruct your safari.

Attractions In QUeen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park  hosts many wild game to catch sight of including; Cape buffalo, Uganda Kob, waterbuck, warthog, lion, leopard, hyena, giant forest hog and elephants.

Lions can best be seen in Ishasha region, forest primate in Kyambura gorge and Maramagambo forest. While the birds exceeds the total range in Virunga National Park among others are; African skimmer, Chapins flycatcher, Pink-backed pelicans, Papyrus canary, Shoebill stork, martial eagle, black-rumped buttonquail and the great flamingos.


Activities In Queen Elizabeth National Park

The top activities in Queen Elizabeth national park include game drives, boat cruise on Kazinga , Lion tracking, Chimpanzee trekking in Kyambura gorge, Mongoose tracking  Mweya Peninsular Bird watching and cultural encounters.

Queen Elizabeth National park has an adventure for every traveler, that gets them near and upclose to what the park has to offer. For those who are wildlife enthusiasts and birders, you have  game drives and boat cruise on Kazinga channel. Little more adventurous? Try out chimpanzee tracking in Kyambura gorge as well as  Rhino tracking.


Accommodations In Queen

Queen Elizabeth national park has a range of Budget Accommodation, mid-range Accommodation and Luxury Accommodation. The park has a wide selection of lodges spread within and outside the park that suites every traveler’s tastes and preferences. Among other accommodation, Lodges, Hotels in this park  include; Kasenyi safari camp, Isasha Wilderness camp, Mweya safari Lodge, Pumba safari cottages, Isasha jungle lodge, White house hotel, Aramaga Rift Valley Lodge, Marafiki Safari Lodge, Lake Munyanyange Cave Resort, Irungu Forest Safari Lodge, Savannah resort Hotel, Queen Elizabeth Safari Lodge, Topi Lodge, Bush Camp, Queen Elizabeth safari Lodge, and Twin Lakes safari Lodge.

Accommodations in Queen Elizabeth National Park