Things To Do & See In Kahuzi Biega National Park

What are the best things to do & see in Kahuzi Biega national park?

Kahuzi Biega national park after Virunga National Park, is the second leading tourist visited destination in Democratic republic of Congo. The park is popularly known for its Eastern lowland Gorillas. This means the key activity is Eastern lowland Gorilla trekking, but one can still enjoy wildlife viewing, bird watching, walking safaris, Mountain climbing,  Chimpanzee habituation in Lwiro sanctuary among others

Kahuzi Biega national park is open for tourism throughout the year, although the best time to visit the park is during the driest months of June, July, August, September, December, January, February & March, when the lowland trekking trails are not slippery & muddy, when there  is less or no rain,  and when the skies are clear favoring you to enjoy the activities of the park.

Kahuzi Biega is encompasses  the rain forest, which requires  enough physical & mental strength,  with  good gear including waeterproof hiking boots, long pair of trousers, long sleeved shirts, raincoat, garden gloves, among others so as to enjoy an experience of a lifetime.

Note That : the Kahuzi Biega  National Park security is tight in park whereby the security team is well trained on how to secure travelers in the park, which is usually  done by escorting the tourists throughout their visit to the park.

List of Safari Activities/Things To Do & See in Kahuzi Biega

Eastern Lowland Gorilla Trekking in Congo.

6 days Congo gorilla trekking safari & habituation in Kahuzi Biega national park

The Eastern Lowland Gorillas, is the key attraction in Kahuzi Biega National Park, which lets visitors come to Democratic Republic of Congo for Eastern lowland gorilla trekking.

Eastern Gorilla trekking allows Visitors to interact with the Eastern lowland Gorillas in their natural habitat. The park  protects about 250 individual lowland gorillas.

Eastern Lowland Gorillas, also called the Grauer’s gorilla, is the largest of the four gorilla subspecies; Mountain gorillas, western lowland gorillas, eastern lowland gorillas and the cross river gorilla.

The eastern lowland gorilla majorly feed on fruit, bamboo shoots and other herbaceous materials, and majority have been habituated which means that they can easily interact comfortably in the presence people.

Eastern lowland gorilla trekking permits in Kahuzi-Biega national park costs USD 400 per person for a gorilla permit, and trekking begins early with briefing.

All visitors intending to visit Gorillas in the Kahuzi Biega  National Park are organized in groups of 8 individuals.

Trekking usually begins early mornings at 7am with a briefing. Trekkers are then placed in groups consisting of a maximum of 8 members. Gorilla trekking may take about 2 to 6 hours, depending on how far the gorillas have moved from their previous point of location.

Seeing the eastern lowland gorillas is a must, and only 1 hour is allowed to come up close and interact with them.

Chimpanzee Habituation at Lwiro Sanctuary:

Tourists visiting Kahuzi Biega National Park, also have an opportunity to visit chimpanzees in Lwiro Chimpanzee sanctuary at $40 US Dollars only per person per trek.  Lwiro Primate Rehabilitation Center is located a few distance from Kahuzi Biega National Park offices. It is a home protecting  the orphaned and rescued chimpanzees, and other primates. These chimpanzees are said, to have lost both parents to the poachers, so they are been taken care off to a better life.

Chimpanzee  habituation in the sanctuary, offers tourists an opportunity to feed them, watch them play, as they go about their daily, as well as learning about  history and conservation works at the center.

Hiking Mountains Kahuzi and Biega:

Kahuzi Biega national park is another hot spot for hiking/climbing adventures to Mount Kahuzi, Mount Biega and  Mount Bugulimiza.  The 3 mountains will you’re your adrenaline high and your heart pumping, although Mount Kahuzi and Mont Biega are mostly hiked.

Hiking to the peak/top of Mount Kahuzi  at $100 permit in 4 hours  offers the chance to glimpse see lake Kivu, Bukavu port and breathtaking scenery of the entire park., and Mount Biega (at $100 permit) takes about 6 hours complete the hike

While for those who opt to hike mount Bugulumiza  (at $100 climbing permit), takes 3 hours.

Tshibati waterfall hike.

The Tshibati Waterfall hike is another remarkable hiking experience Kahuzi Biega national Park has to offer. The waterfall is an attraction  that those who visit Kahuzi Biega national Park, cannot miss.

During the trek, the ranger guide  will  guide you through the Tshibati waterfalls trail , following swampy vegetation, ascending up the bamboo forest  up to the 3 magnificent waterfalls. While trekking to the waterfalls, you might encounter other chimpanzees, and several monkey species. Otherwise, you can participate in the nature walks around Marais Musisi trail at a cost of $35 per person and where you will see many bird species.

Bird watching in Kahuzi Biega National Park

Kahuzi Biega National Park, still stands out  among the best birding destination in Congo. The park is home to over 349 bird species, out of which 42 are endmic to the park, while others are migratory.

Bird watching in Kahuzi Biega National Park, starts in the morning, and birds expected to be spotted include: The African green broadbill, the yellow-crested helmet shrike, shelley’s crimson wing, the Congo pea fowl, Ruwenzori Turaco and the trogons among others.

Grab your binoculars ready to enjoy the beautiful attractions in the park.

Camping Safaris in Kahuzi-Biega National Park:

Kahuzi Biega National Park,  also gives you the opportunity to  wake up to the blissful sights and sounds of birds whistling, chipping and singing in the morning as the sun rises over the horizons, on  your camping safari. Camping gives you  the time to spend your quality time with nature.

Tourists  on a camping safari  who love to be in the middle of nature and wish to explore the tropical forests in the national park can pay for camping activities at a cost of $50 dollars per person per day and is inclusive of food and a park guide.

Tourists who wish to camp in Kahuzi Biega National park, must bring their own tents, sleeping bags, or while others can rent from the park at a cost of USD 5 dollars per person per night, for each.

Community/Cultural Tours:

Cultural tours in Kahuzi- Biega national park offer visitors the chance to freely interact with locals living within the nearby communities in the national park. Cultural encounters is an open way to directly learn about various ethnic cultures that Congo has and how the local people get to spend their day-to-day lives.  You will also have the opportunity join in the local dance and singing performances from local dance troupes,  as well as participating in making local arts and crafts like baskets, beads, necklaces, earrings, and clothes using locally sourced materials like recycled paper, sisal, papyrus and Kitenges. tourists also have the chance to learn how to cook traditional Congolese delicacies and share a meal with a local family.

Boat cruise on Lake Kivu:

Taking a boat cruise on Lake Kivu is another refreshing way to relax and unwind your thoughts. Lake Kivu is  shared between Congo & Rwanda, and a boat cruise on the lake costs $50 per person.

Accommodation in Kahuzi- Biega National Park.

Kahuzi Biega National Park has some accommodation facilities situated within and around  the park. These accommodation facilities range from budget, mid-range and luxury, which have been tailored to suite your personal tastes and preferences.  These accommodations include; Mount Kahuzi Hotel, Hotel Begonias, Lodge Coco, Orchids Safari Club, Lakeside Hotel Bukavu and Hotel Exodus Bukavu among others.

Security in Kahuzi-Biega National Park.

Despite the political instability in most areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo,  the eastern province a bit safe.

Kahuzi Biega National Park, guarantees safety to its tourists. However, visitors are also encouraged to continuously stay updated with the political situation in the park and in Congo at large.

Tourists are also advised to go on a drive by themselves in the national park because it is un-safe.