Getting To Kahuzi Biega National Park

How To  Get to Kahuzi Biega National Park? Located in the Eastern province of Democratic Republic of Congo, Kahuzi Biega National park can be accessed by road, Air/flight, and Water. Most Kahuzi Biega National Park safari travelers first land in Kigali International Airport, then followed by a 6-7 hour road transfer to Rusizi 1 Border, after then proceed for 90 minutes to the Park headquarters. Kigali City  is majorly the pick & drop off points for all visitors to Congo.

Kahuzi Biega National Park is in the Eastern province of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Park is the second largest National Park in Congo, after Virunga National Park, occupying an area of 6000 square kilometers of the tropical rain forest.

Tourists from Uganda, Rwanda and even Congo can easily reach Kahuzi Biega National Park by road, Air and Water

Getting To Kahuzi Biega National Park(How To get There)

Getting to Kahuzi Biega National Park by Road

Kahuzi Biega National Park, is by far located 40km West of Bukavu town. It therefore  takes approximately 1 ½  hours to drive from Bukavu town to Kahuzi Biega National Park, whereas it takes 5 to 6 hours to drive from Goma for a distance of 230km to Bukavu. Tourists, are thereby urged not to drive on their own, but with an experienced guide.

Kahuzi Biega National Park can also be reached by road from Kigali In a 6-7 hours drive to Kamembe in Cyangugu town. Thereafter, cross the border at Le Grand Barrier into Goma, to proceed to Bukavu town, where you can reach Kahuzi National Park in about 1 ½ hours.

Travelers from Uganda, can reach Kahuzi Biega national Park via Cyanika, through Rwanda. This option, is very long, but it offers breathtaking scenery of and impressive landscape of Rwanda, that any tourist can opt to visit Volcanoes National Park enroute, before entering Congo

How To Get To Kahuzi Biega National Park By Air/Flight.

All flights land at Kigali International Airport, then after one can take 6-7 hours drive from Kigali City to Kamembe in Cyangugu town, cross the border to Bukavu, the proceed to Kahuzi Biega National Park in 1 ½ hours.

An alternative flight can be taken from Kigali International Airport to  Goma International Airport. From  Goma, it takes 5-6 hours by road, for a distance of 230km to Bukavu town and about 1 ½ hours to Kahuzi Biega national Park.

While travelers can opt to board a flight from Kigali Airport and land in Goma Airport, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is a very convenient mode of transport to the DRC. Once in Goma, travelers can drive 230km to the national park.

Getting There by Water From Goma.

One can get to Kahuzi Biega National Park by Water from Goma. There are ferries, that set off from Goma Via the Idjwi Island on Lake Kivu to Bukavu.

Alternatively, one can choose to hire a speed boat from Goma to Bukavu. The speed boat is usually 3 hours to Bukavu. While  an ordinary boat is approximately 4-5 hours to Bukavu.

From Bukavu, it then takes 1 ½ hours to drive for 40km distance to Kahuzi Biega National Park headquarters.

Activities in Kahuzi Biega National Park

Kahuzi Biega National Park has  eastern lowland gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee habituation in Lwiro Chimpanzee sanctuary, boat cruise, Mount Kahuzi & Biega hike,  boat cruise, bird watching, camping among others.