15 days Margherita, Tatra and Bernardzikiewicz Peak Rwenzori Trekking

15 days Margherita, Tatra and Bernardzikiewicz Peak Trek is a Central circuit – Kilembe trail rwenzori trek to Margherita, Tatra and Bernardzikiewicz Peak.

This 15 days Rwenzori Margherita, Tatra and Bernardzikiewicz peaks trekking adventure takes you along the central circuit to reach Margherita Peak,   3 days camping and climbing up Tatra & Bernardzikiewicz peaks,and ends with Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale Forest National Park

Day by Day Itinerary For the 15 days Margherita, Tatra & Bernadzikiewicz Peak Trek

Day 1: Pick Up- Transfer to Nyakalengija (Ruboni Community Camp).

Upon landing at Entebbe International Airport,  all travelers undergo custom clearance (for test results & visa), then you are allowed to proceed out. At that instant, Aloyo safaris expert driver guide will be waiting for you with a placard bearing the name of the person with whom we’ve been in contact, then after proceed to the safari Land cruiser Jeep.

You will then set off at once for Ruboni Community camp in Nyakalegijja-Kasese, where you will  have dinner and an overnight.

Day 2: Nyakalengija (1615 m) – Nyabitaba Hut (2651 m)

Head early to Rwenzori Mountaineering Services office headquarters at Ibanda for briefing, where you  will also make payments, then after meet your trekker/hiker guides, porters and cooks who will tag along for the next 14 night/15 day Rwenzori central circuit-kilembe trail combined with Margherita trekking.

The trek then begins with a warm up walk upto the Main entrance gate of Rwenzori mountains national Park, where you will issue your receipt of payment, for you to access the park.

Your ideal day 1 trek then starts along the park boundaries of the central circuit trail, as you walk passed the Bakonzo farmlands. While following the Mubuku River, you will crossover the Mahoma tributary and connect to a long, steep climb up onto a wide ridge to reach Nyabitaba hut.

The 5-6 hours hike from Nyakalengijja to Nyabitaba hut sometimes offers great encounters of white & black Colobus monkeys, the three horned chameleon, blue monkeys and the beautifuly colored Rwenzori turaco.

Day 3: Nyabitaba Hut (2651 m) – Mubuku River (2600 m) John Matte Hut (3380 m)

Arise early in the morning for breakfast,  then take the descent down the forest to the Kurt Schuffer Bridge, just beneath the confluence between the Mubuku and Bujuku rivers. Thereafter, proceed with your trek over the challenging stretch and slippery  moss-covered rock to Nyamileju rock shelter, where you will stop over for lunch break. It is at this point that you will enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Mount Stanley and Mount Speke (only on clear days).

Thereafter, proceed to the giant heather zone, lobelia and groundsel, then through the tiring bog, and reach John matte hut for dinner. Finally reach John Matte Hut for Dinner and Overnight at the Hut. The hike takes around 6–7 hours.

Day 4: John Matte (3380 m) to Bujuku (3962 m)

Following your morning breakfast, leave John matte behind for Bujuku hut.

Descend from John Matte hut, to crossover Bujuku River and enter the lower big bog which majorly consists of giant Lobelias, as you will be jumping from one Tussock to another, until you finally cross to drier grounds of Bujuku Lake. It is rare to successfully come out without sampling some of the freezing ooze below the upper Bigo Bog.

The Upper Bigo, showcases magnificent views of Mt Baker to the South, and Speke to the North and Mt Stanley to the West. Bujuku Hut, is set in a narrow valley below Stuhlmann Pass, where you will arrive for dinner and overnight rest

Day 5: Bujuku (3977 m) to Elena Hut (4541 m)

Follow the trail through the bog as you ascend up high through the steep slopes, that are on the western side of the Bujuku Lake. Then after continue through the magical groundsel gully as it proceeds upwards to Scott-Elliot Pass at 4372 m.

Continue with the climb through a matal ladder that takes you over to a junction, where one route leads to Elena Hut and Mount Stanley on a steep trail over large boulders, whereas the trail on your left leads to Scott- Elliot Pass and then to Kitandara Lakes.  This trails helps those who cannot simmit the Margherita peak, but instead to Kitandara Hut.

Whereas those whose goal for summiting the Margherita peakl have their Dinner and Overnight at the coolly and icy Elena Hut. The hike takes around 4–5 hours.

Day 6: Elena Hut (4541 m) to Margherita peak (Margherita peak (5109 m))– Around Hunwick’s

Duration: 5-7 hours following the group physical strength and climbing pace.

Wake up early enough for breakfast, then depart at 0300 hrs , and take the hectic walk over the glaciers, slippery rocks, ice and bare area that are open on many sides. This climb may be a challenge but good for technical climbers.  Proceed with the glacial trek, cross the plateau, then continue ascending.

As you scramble your way to Margherita peak, acclimatize to fog, altitude sickness and coolly weather. Upon reaching, you will be allowed to capture beautiful views of the surrounding, celebrate your success and begin descendding to Hunswick Camp for dinner and an overnight.

Given the high altitude and the tough conditions even if you do not reach the peak, don’t get disappointed.

Day 7, 8 & 9 :Around Huniwick Camping to Bugata Rock Shelter Camping

Spend day 7, 8 and 9 camping around Bugata and climbing to Unique peaks of: Bernardzikiewicz peak (4550 m)and Tatra (4560 m), that were named by people from Poland

Day 10: Bugata Camp to Kitandara Lakes Camp

Descend from Bugata camp, after your breakfast, and reach Kitandara Lakes camp in the evening ofr dinner and an overnight.

Day 11: Kitandara Lakes Camp to Guy Yeoman Camp (Kichuchu rock shelter?)

Wake up early in the morning for  breakfast, then head for a 6-8 hours’ trek along the slippery base of Mount Baker.  Take a steep climb  up the headwall that extends from the base of Mount Baker, to the southern side of Rwenzori Mountains to the Fresh field pass.

Thereafter, proceed along the same muddy trail,  as you trek through Kabamba, Akhendahi and Bujongolo rock shelters-the base camp for the historic expeditions by Duke of Abruzzi in 1906.

The  continuous trek along Kabamba trail, continues until you each Guy Yeoman which sits at the banks of river Mubuku. Dinner and overnight at the hut.

Day 12: Guy Yeoman Camp to Nyabitaba Hut. Last overnight at the Rwenzori

Wake up very early in the morning for breakfast, and take on the trail that descends steeply up the head wall, spreading out from the base of Mount Baker, and proceeding along the southern side of the mountain down to the fresh field pass.

It is from this point, that you have magnificent views of Congo to the West, Mount Stanley to the North.

After the fresh field pass, take on the trails leading through the rock shelter at Bujongolo – the base camp for the historic excursion by the Duke Of Abruzzi in 1906

Dinner & Overnight at Guy yeoman.

Day 13: Guy Yeoman (3450m) – Nyabitaba (2651m)

Following your breakfast in the morning, descend  downwards through the Kichuchu cliffs for about 6-7 hours to Nyabitaba Hut;  The trek passes  through Lake Mahoma and Mubuku, heather and Moss Zone. This may be the final hut in the Rwenzori Mountains or you could exit all the way if you feel energetic. Overnight in Kasese Town at Margherita Hotel.

At Nyabitabah hut,  you will rest for a short break, of celebrations upon your success for conquering 3 different peaks. It is also on this last day that most hikers tip the guides and porters, before proceeding for another 3-4 hours from Nyabitaba to Nyakalengija, till you reach the main head office to receive your certificate of success, after which you will head back to the lodge.

Day 13:Nyakalengija and to Kibale NP.

Have a breakfast at leisure, checkout of the hotel and proceed to  Kibale  Forest national Park. Lunch will be enroute. You will arrive n the evening to check in at Kibale Forest camp. Dinner will be served, then later have a goodnight sleep.

Day 14: After breakfast Chimpanzee Tracking in the morning session (around 8.00).

Breakfast will be served early, then head to Kanyanchu Visitor center, where you will reach before 8:00am for chimpanzee tracking briefing. By the help of a ranger guide,  head to the forest to look for the chimpanzees.

Chimpanzee tracking takes between 2 – 6 hours., and upon finding them, spend at most 1 hour so as to interact with them , as you watch them do their daily chores such as feeding their young ones, climbing from one tree branch to another, among others.

Return to the head office to pick your chimpanzee tracking certificate, then proceed to the lodge for lunch, after when you will embark on a Bigodi Swamp nature walk, where you will have great opportunities to watch many bird species like the great blue turaco, papyrus gonolek, green breasted gonolek, butterflies, other primates like the black & white colobus monkeys, red tailed monkeys, L’Hoest monkeys, vervet monkeys, mammals like sitatungas, bush bucks.

You can also head for a village walk for the coffee plantations, banana bear making, basket making and the traditional healer.

Return for dinner and overnight rest at your lodge

Day 15: Flight back home

Begin your day with breakfast, then leave for kampala with lunch enroute.  Proceed to Entebbe to and get  there by 6:30 pm. and this will mark the end of our 15 days  Rwenzori  Margherita , Tatra & Bernardzikiewicz peak & Chimpanzees