Best of 12 Days Rwenzori & Gorilla Trekking

Rwenzori Mountains & Gorilla Trekking Safari: 12 Days Rwenzori  & Gorilla Trekking tour, offers 8 days Rwenzori climbing via the central circuit trail route of Rwenzori Mountains National Park and 1 day Gorilla trekking Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. This 12 days Rwenzori Mountain & Gorilla Trekking safari Package lets you spend 1 hour in the presence of Gorillas in their Natural home- Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, and climbing to the highest point of Rwenzori Mountains Margherita Peak (at 5109m) in Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

The gorilla permit costs $700 per person per day, while the 8 days Mountain Gorilla trek along the central circuit cost is $1350 per person.

This 12 days Rwenzori & Gorilla trekking  safari brings you face to face with the Mountain gorillas in their Natural home of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, and 8 days Rwenzori trekking follows to Margherita peak along the central Circuit from Nyakalengija (1651m) through Nyabitaba hut (2651m), John Matte hut (3380m), Bujuku hut (3962m), Elena hut (4541), Kitandara hut (4027), and Guy Yeoman (3450m) in Rwenzori mountains National Park.

Apart from the 12 Days Rwenzori & Gorilla trekking Safari along the Central circuit, trail, we do offer other alternative 13 days chimpanzee, Rwenzori Mountains hike & Gorilla trekking Safari of Kibale forest national Park, Rwenzori Mountains National Park’s Kilembe trail & Bwindi impenetrable National Park

Book this 12 Days Rwenzori Mountaineering & gorilla trekking tour for a Unique trekking experience in the wilderness of Rwenzori mountains National Park with Aloyo Safaris.

12 days Rwenzori Trekking to Margherita & Gorilla Safari Itinerary Summery

Day 1: Transfer To Bwindi Impenetrable national Park

Day 2: Gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Day 3: Transfer to Kasese (Nyakalengija)

Day 4: Nyakalengija(1615m)–trek to NyabitabaHut(2651m)

Day 5: Nyabitaba Hut (2651m)–trek to Mubuku River (2600m) – John Matte Hut

Day 6: JohnMatte(3380m)-trek to Bujuku(3962m)

Day 7: Bujuku(3977m)-trek to ElenaHut(4541m).

Day 8: Elena Hut (4541m)-trek to Margherita peak – Kitandara hut (4027m)

Day 9: Kitandara(4027m)–trek to Freshfield Pass (4282m)–Guy Yeoman

Day 10: Guy Yeoman (3450m)–trek to Nyabitaba (2651m)

Day 11: Nyabitaba (2651m)–trek to Nyakalengija (1615m)

Day 12: Depart For Kampala

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Transfer To Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Today you will be picked by our driver guide from your hotel or from Entebbe International Airport who will brief you about your 12 days rwenzori & gorilla trekking safari to Bwindi National Park people along the highway  markets with various fruits and vegetables.

The driver will then stop at the Equator for photography, and later stop for lunch at the Igongo  cultural center. From here, transfer to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, where you will arrive in the Late afternoon or in the evening to check in to your hotel.

On the other hand, you can opt for a morning flight to Bwindi forest national park. From here, you will be picked up from the airstrip and be transferred to your hotel for relaxation in preparation for gorilla trekking. You have an option for an afternoon community experience.

Dinner and an overnight at your preferred lodge

Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp/ Bwindi Lodge /Clouds Mt Gorilla Lodge/Buhoma Lodge

Day 2: Gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

On this day 2 of the 12 days Rwenzori & gorilla trekking, you will rise up early for breakfast, after which, the driver guide will transfer you to the park headquarters for briefing.

Upon reaching, the ranger guide will welcome you and register you, as you wait to be briefed at 8:00am. You will given guidelines that you must adhere when looking for gorillas, when with them and when you leave them.

It is from this moment that you will be allocated a gorilla group/family, after which you will set off for the gorilla such in the thick forest of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.


Gorilla trekking may take about 2-6 hours, depending on how far the gorillas have moved from the point they were left the previous day. On finding them, you will meet  face to face with the Mountain gorilla to a maximum of 1 hour, after which you will return to the headquarters  to pick your gorilla trekking certificate. The driver will then drive you back to the Hotel for lunch

We advise you to hire a porter to carry your day pack because sometimes the gorillas could be located a distance from the start of your trek, they can also help push or pull you along the steep slippery paths in the forest.

Day 3: Transfer to Kasese (Nyakalengija)

Following your breakfast in the morning and proceed to the western part of the country by passing through Queen Elizabeth National park crossing the Equator line and arrive in Kasese town for lunch, thereafter you will proceed to your accommodation, where you will check in your hotel in Nyakalengija for dinner & Overnight.

Day 4: Nyakalengija(1615m)–NyabitabaHut(2651m)

Duration: 5-6 hours

Following your breakfast, you will depart early for Rwenzori Mountaineering Services offices in Nyakalengija for registration. Thereafter briefing about your 8 days Rwenzori Trekking along the central circuit will take place, followed by allocation of guide, porters, as well as renting requirements (only for those who don’t have hiking gear).

Shortly after, the trek begins, passing through bakonzo farmlands to the park boundaries, which follows the Mubuku river. The trail continues through Mahoma tributary, after which you will start ascending up a steep massive ridge to reach Nyabitaba hut.

While hiking, expect to spot black & white colobus monkeys, blue monkeys, chimpanzees(though rarely seen), the 3 horned chameleon and the beautiful Rwenzoru Turaco.

Dinner will be served and later on have a goodnight rest in the hut.

Day 5: Nyabitaba Hut (2651m)– Mubuku River (2600m) – John Matte Hut (3380m)

Duration: 6-7 hours

After a goodnight sleep, wake up early to a delicious breakfast, after descend down through the forest to Kurt Scuffer bridge,  just beneath the confluence of the Mubuku & Bujuku river.

12 days Rwenzori & Gorilla trekking

You will trek through the bamboo forest, passing through the challenging stretch of slippery moss-covered rock, reaching the Nyamileju rock shelter where you will take a shot lunch break and relax. You will be amazed by the breathtaking scenic views of the magnificent Mount Stanley, Mount Speke.

From here, you will continue with your trek through the giant heather zone, Lobelia and groundsel. Proceed through the tiring bog, and ;later on arrive at John Matte for dinner & and an overnight.

Day 6: John Matte(3380m) to Bujuku(3962m)

Duration : 5-6 hours

Wake up early for breakfast, and leave John Matte behind descending along the trail to cross the Bujuku River. From here, you will enter the Lower bigo bog (known as the home of Giant Lobelias), as jump from tussock to tussock, until you finally cross to the Upper bigo Bog.

Rwenzori Mountains & Gorilla TrekkingThe upper Bigo Bog leads to Bujuku Lake, coupled with spectacular views of  Mount Baker to the South and Stanley to the West.  Arrive at Bujuku Hut, located under the shadows of Mount Baker and Speke. The hut settles in a narrow valley below the Stuhlmann Pass.

Dinner & overnight at Bujuku hut

Day 7: Bujuku(3977m) to ElenaHut(4541m).

Duration: 4-5 hours

Depart Bujuku instantly after an early breakfast, following the trail through more bog, west of lake Bujuku, though the magnificent  Groundsel gully as it ascends  up the Scott Elliot Pass at 4372m.

You will proceed with your climb up through a metal up the gully head, which takes you over a steep section, where the trails divide into right and Left.

The right trail takes ascends up to Elena Hut and Mount Stanley trekking over large boulders, whereas the trail on the left descends down to Scott Elliot Pass, through Kitandara Lakes, up to Kitandara hut. This trail leads those who are not climbing Margherita Peak.

Yet for those who will climb Margherita, will rest at Elena hut after having a delicious and tasty dinner.


Day 8: Elena Hut (4541m) to Margherita peak – Kitandara hut (4027m)

Duration: 5 – 7 hours depending on the weather, physical Strength and the climbing pace of the group

On this day 5, you will reach Margherita peak (5109) on Mount Stanley.

Duration: 5-6 hours

Rwenzori Mountain trek to Margherita & Gorilla Trekking in 12 daysYou will wake up early to a cup of hot tea or coffee at 2:00pm, after then you will depart for Margherita peak hike.  You will continue to the base of the stanley where you will trek over three glaciers, including the slippery  rock, ice and  and more open regions. This climb is truly a mystical challenge, that require proper acclimatization, enough physical strength.

You will then continue with your climb on to the glaciers, cross the Stanley Plateau and ascend upwards. Acclimatized to fog, altitude sickness, and cool weather, you will scramble up to the Peak of Mount Stanley (Margherita )-the highest peak of the Rwenzori Mountains.

At this point, You will spend time celebrating your victory at the peak while enjoying a few bites, as well as taking great pictures while at the peak. After a short while, you will embark on your descent, due to the high altitude and the tough conditions. You will then descend through the scott Elliot pass, which offers beautiful views of the Bujuku Lake & Mount Speke. Thereafter, slope down to Kitandara Lakes, passing through the alpine zone of sparse vegetation and rough boulders. After that, slope  further past the Kitandara Lakes for dinner and an overnight at the Kitandara hute.

Day 9: Kitandara(4027m) – Freshfield Pass (4282m)–Guy Yeoman


Wake up very early in the morning for breakfast, and take on the trail that descends steeply up the head wall, spreading out from the base of Mount Baker, and proceeding along the southern side of the mountain down to the fresh field pass.

It is from this point, that you have magnificent views of Congo to the West, Mount Stanley to the North.

After the fresh field pass, take on the trails leading through the rock shelter at Bujongolo – the base camp for the historic excursion by the Duke Of Abruzzi in 1906

Dinner & Overnight at Guy yeoman.

Day 10: Guy Yeoman (3450m) – Nyabitaba (2651m)

Duration: 6-7 hours

Following your morning breakfast, you will depart for Nyabitaba. You will descend down beneath Guy Yeoman, trekking down the cliffs of Kichuchu. After then cross the Muddy path passed the Mubuku River, before climbing upwards to Nyabitaba to complete a round loop

Day 11: Nyabitaba (2651m) – Nyakalengija (1615m)

Duration: 3-4 hours

You will then descend from Nyabitaba to Nyakalengija, till you reach the main head office to receive your certificate of success, after which you will head back to the lodge.

Rwenzori Mountains & Gorilla Trekking safari 12 days

Day 12: Depart For Kampala

We come to the end of your 12 days Rwenzori Mountains  & Gorilla Trekking.  Wake up early for breakfast and journey back to Kampala then proceed to Entebbe airport, with lunch en-route and stopover at the Equator on Masaka road, before your evening departure, back home.